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The Moving Chronicles Part 3 July 13, 2012

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When you last left us (before the sentimental break), you were wondering if we would all make it through the move without going crazy.  For anyone that knows me at all, you probably guessed that the crazy train pulled into the station right around the time we had to get the second truck.  And you’d be right.  Tempers started flaring around then.  Jeremy and I were both so exhausted from the week of packing, the goodbyes, and the moving stress that our emotions were running thin.  We just kept telling each other we had to keep pushing and get to the finish line.  We had known it wasn’t going to be easy.  And honestly with as easy and quick as our house sold and we found a place to live, I was kind of expecting our luck to run out eventually.  But that doesn’t mean I was ready for it emotionally.

We finally got on the road after both trucks and both cars were packed up.  Luckily I had booked two hotel rooms – one in Connecticut and one in Providence – unsure of how far we would make it on Saturday.  Since we didn’t leave Baltimore until after 4pm, it was clear we were only going to get to Connecticut.  So there we were driving up 95 with Momma Duck in the lead, the two cars behind, and then Baby Duck (me) bringing up the rear.  We were good about sticking together, even at the toll booths when some of us had EZPass and some didn’t.  Traffic was never awful, but there were a few slow spots for sure.  I had picked a hotel off Merritt Parkway in Connecticut because that is the way we prefer to go.  The Tappan Zee Bridge is easier and less stressful than the GW Bridge in NYC, and there is better scenery along the parkways in Connecticut than along 95.  Unfortunately Google Maps doesn’t give you any warnings about the parkways only carrying passenger cars.  That was the first sign of trouble.

Side note:  Now I could go into a very detailed account of the next 2 hours after seeing the first “Passenger Cars Only” sign about 45 minutes from our expected exit, but there might more blame and tension in my voice than I ever care to share on this ol’ blog.  So you will get the short and sweet version.  That’ll be enough to get the drift.

Because Merritt Parkways is such an old road with historic LOW stone bridges going over it, only passenger cars are allowed on it.  Would have been good to remember when we were planning our route.  Thankfully we got off the parkway on the last exit before one of those low bridges.  But that detour caused us to have to go through a small town with our big trucks and get back to a 95, which was out of the way of our hotel.  After a couple of unexpected extra hours, we finally made it to the hotel.  After roaming the parking lot in our big trucks several times around, we parked and got our rooms.  Honestly, I was the conductor of the aforementioned crazy train at this point.  My tone was loud, annoyed and tired.  A good night’s sleep was just what I needed.  Oh wait!  I had to sleep with Mason – the good night’s sleep would have to wait.  (Both my kids are horrible to sleep with, so it’s not like Jeremy got a good night’s rest either!)

A bit more fresh and awake the next day, we were ready to tackle the final trek to Providence.  We got a delicious breakfast (best hotel breakfast ever at Hilton Garden Inn in Norwalk, CT!), and got the caravan ready to roll again.

After a relatively quick drive, we were here!

The best pic I could get…

The Moving Crew!

We had made it.  It is not the end of our story, though!  We still had to figure out where everything would go in this smaller house.  There was cleaning and lots of unpacking to do.  And we had to treat our moms to a little fun before they left.  In our final chapter of The Moving Chronicles, we’ll get down and dirty with the new house and even show you some progress pictures of how we’ve made the house work for us… for now…  Stay tuned!