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Speaking of… July 12, 2012

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Speaking of divine providence…  In searching through pictures yesterday for the one of Benefit and Angell Streets, I came across some other pictures from that same New England trip we took two years ago.   We had stopped in Providence on our way to Boston for a weekend getaway.  We were just tooling around, looking at towns and neighborhoods around Providence.  It was sort of a scouting trip at the time, wondering if we could ever just up and move to New England without a new job to take us there.  I remember thinking after that trip that we were happy just where we were in Maryland.  We loved this little town on the water we had found, but other than that, it was just ok compared to what we had closer to family.

Well, lo and behold, that “little town on the water” is exactly where we live now!  It’s amazing what a difference 2 and a half years make!

Check out what enticed us about this town below in our pictures from Fall 2010.

View from the Pawtuxet Bridge

The small waterfront park.

We loved the view of the boats in the cove.

Us in the gazebo at the park.

And now we live here!  Seriously, how crazy is that?

“You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.”  ~Christopher Columbus