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The Moving Chronicles Part 2 July 10, 2012

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We last left off wondering whether everything we owned would fit inside this 26 foot truck…

If you guessed no, you’d be right!  It was a rough afternoon of moving.  We started the day off early picking up the truck before going to sign papers for selling our house.  After a final Potbelly lunch, we settled in waiting for the movers to come.  While we had rented our own truck, we did hire loaders and unloaders on each end to make our lives a bit easier.  The unloaders definitely helped (which I’ll get to in a later part of the Chronicles), but our loaders were awful.  We were expecting them between 1pm and 3pm, but they didn’t show up until 5pm.  Only one of them spoke English, and they really didn’t pay attention to our instructions.  We had rented 4 dozen furniture pads – they used 3.  Not 3 dozen.  Three pads!  Everything was packed in.  They didn’t even use any tie downs.  While it was all wedged in there in a very pack-worthy way, we were concerned about everything making it in once piece.  But by the time they finished at 7:30pm, we were more worried about other things.  Specifically, how we were going to get the rest of our stuff to Rhode Island.

What didn’t make it onto the truck were mostly our outdoor pieces – furniture, tools, ladders, bikes, Vespa, grill, and two armchairs from inside.  I started calling around for more trucks before they even finished loading the first one knowing that it would not all fit.  Unfortunately the July 1st weekend is one of the busiest moving weekends of the entire year.  There was not a truck to be found with any rental company.  I even looked into minivan rentals with car rental companies.  No dice.  We started plotting how we would do it.  One option was to take the big truck (we later dubbed her Momma Duck) to Jeremy’s parents, unload half of it, come back to load the rest of the stuff, take it back to his parents again, unload that and reload with the most essential items.  Then Jeremy would fly down later in the week to rent another truck and drive it to Rhode Island.  That was the best we could come up with. But then I decided to call Penske one more time and have them search around Baltimore and Charles Town.  I figured Charles Town would be the best option because I couldn’t imagine the magnitude of moving in West Virginia to be the same as a metropolitan city.  Luckily I was right.  I had the best Penske experience during this whole move and would recommend them to anyone looking to rent a truck.  The Penske rep looked all over the DC/Baltimore metro area for me.  We finally found one in Charles Town, WV.  After lots of back and forth, the plan was hatched.  Jeremy and I would drive up to his parents Friday night as planned.  We would then get up really early Saturday to drive out to West Virginia to pick up the truck.  My mom would meet us there and drive back to Silver Spring to help us with the final bits and pieces, including cleaning.  Then we would all drive back to Towson to the Lakes, get the kids and Sue and take off for Rhode Island from there with 2 trucks, 2 cars, 2 kids, and 4 drivers.

Then the storm happened.

It was quite the storm.  Luckily the Lakes didn’t lose power, so our morning plan wasn’t too hindered.  By the time we got back to Silver Spring, though, it was apparent that there was going to be some damage.  No power and lots of downed trees.  Our backyard was covered in branches, big and small.  Our Japanese Maple in the front was split in half.  All said and done, we were very lucky.  Cars got crushed.  Roofs got torn open from trees and winds.  People we were without power for days.  We were getting out just in time.

The wee 12 footer was dubbed Baby Duck.

With Jeremy’s master packing skills, we were able to fit everything into the only other truck we could find – a 12 footer.  Well, almost everything.  We had to say goodbye to our beloved front yard bench after trying to wedge it in too many times proved to be its demise.  And a cart that goes to our backyard furniture didn’t make it in, but we put it in my mom’s car to get it to the Lakes and then were able to get it onto the larger truck.

By 3:30pm, we finally had both trucks packed to the gills, a canoe loaded onto our Mazda 5, and the kids loaded into the Elantra.  It was time to hit the road with Momma Duck leading the way.

Next on The Moving Chronicles…  Can the Lake family make it to Rhode Island without any more drama?  Will everything and every ONE stay in tact physically and mentally?  Stay tuned to find out!