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The Moving Chronicles Part 1 July 9, 2012

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Honestly, I have been dreading writing these posts.  The further away from the move we get, the smoother it all seemed to go in my mind.  The reality was that it was a very painful move.  We had several unexpected issues come up that made the whole thing something we quickly wanted to forget.

Let’s start at the beginning…  Oh wait, we’ve done that.  We’ll start at packing.

Jeremy and I had a schedule in place for what to pack when.  While we didn’t exactly follow the plan, it was good to have it all written down.  There were some long days in there.  Jeremy took off the last week before the move, and the grandmothers took turns watching the kids, so we had several days to focus only on packing.  Thank goodness for that.  We had so much  more stuff than we thought!  I guess 8 years in a house means you acquire a lot of stuff.  Just packing our basement storage room spanned over several days.

By Friday, we had filled up the basement den and our second bedroom with boxes and stuff.  Add into that all the furniture we had all over the house, and I was starting to get worried.

Of course, the last couple of weeks weren’t all packing related.  We made time to see some friends and go to some of our favorite spots.

Golfing at Meema’s

Celebrating Hayes’ 2nd Birthday

Dutch Wonderland with the Niles

Wheaton Park with Jen and Hayes

National Zoo with the Harris kids

A grownup dinner with Megan and Roger

A last meal at Urban BBQ

Ok, so it looks like we didn’t have any time to pack with all the socializing, right?  ha!  These were our sanity breaks – excuses to take a shower and see our friends and family.  And it was all worth it.  Everyone kept asking me why I wasn’t so stressed.  At the beginning, I was more concerned about seeing friends and family than I was about packing.  I didn’t want to have everything packed and wonder why I didn’t spend more time with the people I love.  I would have rather stayed up late every night for a week to get it all done than to actually get sleep knowing I had my packing done but hadn’t been socializing.  It was all worth it!

Especially given that on move day, we had to somehow figure out how to fit everything we had into this truck.

The 26 Footer – the largest residential truck you can rent.

So the question is…  did it all fit?  You’ll have to wait for Part 2 to find out!


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