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Settling In July 4, 2012

Filed under: Daily Blog — Robin @ findgoodineveryday @ 7:44 am

The “move” is officially over, but we’re still wading through boxes and trying to figure out where everything goes in our new house.  Space is a little tighter here, but we’ll make it work.  And once we get everything put away and pictures on the wall, I’m sure we’ll start to really feel at home.

The move itself was an epic event, so I’m going to have to break it down into several posts.  Now that we have internet at home, though, I’ll be able to post more frequently…  you know, in between unloading boxes, exploring and playing with the kids.  We have managed to do several firsts in the few days we’ve been here…  First trip to Target.  First trip to IKEA.  First trip to the liquor store…  ha!  Last night was great because I managed to cook our first meal (instead of going out to eat yet again!), and we joined the crowds in Warwick for fireworks on the beach  (before Cooper got too upset and we had to leave.)  I’ll leave you with some pictures from last night.  (Please excuse the iPhone quality.)

Stay tuned for The Moving Chronicles!

Mason lost her second tooth in a week last night!

Cooper spent the entire night with his fingers in his ears… even before the fireworks actually started.

I think they’re adjusting well considering all the mayhem. The beach certainly helps!


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