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Finally – The Basement “Afters” June 14, 2012

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As soon as Jeremy got the offer from the firm in Providence, I emailed the realtor we knew we would use.  We scheduled a meeting within 2 days, and our house was on the market by the next Friday.  Needless to say, we worked our butts off to get everything ready in time.  The key to the whole thing, though, was to finish the basement.

Fortunately we had been confident enough with my new job to start the basement back up a few weeks earlier. The contractors had finished all the electrical, drywall, and trim work, so all we had to do was paint and install the floors.  Seems simple, right?  Well, try to squeeze that all into one weekend while also trying to have a yard sale, get the house de-cluttered and clean.  Not going to happen.  Something had to give.  And since our contractor had been working a lot with our realtor, we had a little extra weight to get them back in quickly in between other jobs.  If we could finish the painting over the weekend, they could do the floors in a day.  That would allow our realtor to get the pictures taken hours before she officially put it on the market.  With all that in place, it was time to get crackin’!

As a reminder, we started with this…

…and this.

After the contractors were done, we had this…

…and this.

With the help of family (again), we managed to get the stairs rebuilt and painted, the doors and trim all painted white, and the walls painted a warm green.  We decided to use leftover cans of paint we had in the basement.  They were unopened cans from other rooms in the house, so we knew it would help tie it all together.  But by the end, we were literally scraping paint out of the bottom of the can to finish second coats.  (And don’t even bother looking at the ceiling.  Not our best work.)  But it got done in time for the contractors to come in and lay the floors.

With everything complete, we “moved in” to the basement albeit with some staged furniture from our realtor (couch, chair and rugs).  Despite it not all being ours, it completely works, and the room is gorgeous!  Every day that I go down there now, I have a tinge of sadness for not getting to enjoy it more…  wondering why we didn’t do the renovation sooner.  It’s an amazing space, and I know the next owner will get to enjoy it in all its glory.

So without further ado, I give you the finished product.

The “den.” (This picture doesn’t do it justice, but the couch, chair and rugs work perfectly with the leftover color we used.)

The other end of the den showing the door to the backyard on the left, and the door to the work room at the far end.

Oh pantry, my pantry. I am most sad to leave this since it took me 8 years to get it!

The laundry area. You can see the new stairs to the left. The finished wall with the blue paint makes it a really decent space even without new floors and finished walls around the rest of the room.

The storage area. We put some FLOR carpet tiles down in the storage area, and it really helps to make the space feel clean rather than dingy.

I love our new basement!  We’ve enjoyed playing a few games down there (it’s a great space for the kids), and we’ve watched some So You Think You Can Dance (while the kids do their own dance moves).  Even though we’ve barely gotten to use it, I will truly miss our basement.  If only we had time for one last blow-out party!


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