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After Only 5 Years… May 21, 2012

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Sorry for the delay in posting this.  We had issues with our computer and couldn’t download pictures from the camera.  But all is well now, so here we go…

The spring after Mason was born (2006), Jeremy took on the shed project.  He was excited to do it all himself because, as an architect, he wanted to truly understand the building process.  I was supportive even though I knew it would mean many weekends would be spent with my watching Mason alone while he worked.  But with no garage and a full basement, we really needed the extra storage space.  Jeremy spent one hard weekend getting the frame up.  We were so excited about how fast it was going and started dreaming up how we would paint it and utilize it.

Then we had a setback.  Jeremy started suffering from intense back pain and eventually needed back surgery.  Needless to say, no  more work was done on the shed that spring and summer.

Honestly, I forget how the next three years went.  I think he got the walls up one summer, the roof the next, and then final details and doors.  Between hot summer days, vacations, other house projects, guilt of leaving his then-pregnant wife to run after Mason, then guilt of leaving his wife to take care of an infant and 3-year-old, and just plain life, the shed sat lonely in the far back corner of our yard.  We eventually moved things in (after the roof and doors were done) and have been using it since.  But it was still the “forgotten shed” or the “neglected project” that I would always use as the example of unfinished projects when Jeremy came up with new project ideas.  And whenever I would bug him to just get help, he would go on worrying about how he would utilize others when he was learning as went and didn’t have a plan of attack.

But at the start of this spring, 5 years later, we set a date with his parents to have a Shed Painting Party.  The day finally came, and we actually had to rush to finish filling holes and sanding it all down so it could be ready for paint.  But in one day, we were able to paint the entire shed!  Luckily I was still unemployed and could do the final touch-ups later that week.  But the majority of the work was done in one glorious day.  While the inside is still a mess and could use more organization, we are calling this project officially COMPLETE!







I just love my purple doors. (They match every other exterior door on the house!)



One Response to “After Only 5 Years…”

  1. Congratulations to both you and Jeremy! I love the paint scheme–it goes so well with all the other projects you two have undertaken. Great teamwork….and your next project is??????
    Love meema

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