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Time Is Up May 9, 2012

Filed under: Daily Blog — Robin @ findgoodineveryday @ 8:22 am

I think I have been pretty open on this blog about my time being unemployed.  At first, it was a blessing.  Then the new job search was taking a little too long, and my patience was running thin.  And now I’m back to appreciating the time I have left.  That is because I start a new job on Monday.  The countdown has begun, and I’m trying to squeeze in as much fun as I can before entering the work force again.

I am ecstatic to have a job again for several reasons.  First and foremost is to get a paycheck again.  Contributing to our bank account will allow many other things to happen.  (Most important is our basement getting finished.  They started yesterday, and it is moving right along!)  Secondly, I am eager to get back to a routine.  Granted the routine will be much different from what we’re used to in our house, but we’re all willing to put our best efforts into making it work.  Finally, I’m excited to feel smart again.  Well, hopefully….  Being at home has not helped my mental state, and by diving headfirst into work again, I hope to get back to feeling normal (to me) again soon.

With the impending start date and no time off in the foreseeable future (gotta love starting from zero with vacation time!), I am enjoying my last bits of freedom.  Ok, that sounds like I’m walking into a jail cell next Monday.  It won’t be that bad, but at the same time, the office I’m going to is not getting any design awards, that’s for sure!  Still, I’m relishing in a little “Robin time” this week.  Lunch with friends, finishing a few projects, a day with my mom, a morning movie with my BFF…   All things I wanted to do knowing my time at home is up.

Another plan for my last bits of time?  Writing some more posts!  Be on the lookout for a shed update (5 years of “hard” work is coming to an end), a basement progress report (walls are up, and it’s awesome!), and maybe a few extra thrown in there.  I also imagine that this new routine of ours is going to motivate a few other posts as well.  And for me, it is certainly true that I’m much more productive when I’m busy.  So this new job might be just what I need to get me back on track blog-wise.  Wish me luck!


One Response to “Time Is Up”

  1. Alaina Says:

    CONGRATULATIONS! That’s so terrific! I imagine that is a huge weight lifted off your shoulders. So happy for you!

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