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Decisions, Decisions… March 30, 2012

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I’ve been unemployed for a month now.  It has been a generally good month – with vacation, more time with the kids, feeling relaxed when I wake up in the morning…  It’s too bad that my relaxation in the morning soon becomes stress as I dive into the job search.  I have a long list of jobs that I have applied for (keeping the list for reference and for Maryland unemployment), but very few responses.  While I wait for emails or phone calls or even more job postings, I sit and think about what it is I really want.  I mentioned how I was going to make a list of all the priorities I need in a job, and while I did think about it all, I didn’t put the list on paper.  Not doing that in the first place has caused quite a bit of turmoil this week as I try to make my priorities fit into a job that really isn’t the best fit despite how great it sounds.  Putting pen to paper is essential.  If I had done that from the beginning, everything could have been more clear.  I could match up the job responsibilities and facts to the list and see what matches.  It would be an easy pros/cons list.  But instead, I keep going back and forth on what priorities are for me and how they relate to my career search.  Career search – that really is what I’m doing.  It can’t be a job search.  A job search is just looking for something that will fill my days.  I want something to fill my life and my passion and my bank account.

So as I try to answer my own questions and actually put pen to paper this weekend, I hope I’ll come out with a clearer mind and direction.  A direction that will give me confidence in the jobs I’m applying for, confidence with the people I’m networking with, and confidence that I’m making the right decisions for me and my family.  Man, why do I have to be so grown up?  Decisions, decisions…