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Disney Awesomeness March 29, 2012

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Like I mentioned in the last post, we were at Disney World last week.  It was our bi-annual trip with Jeremy’s family.  This time we went later than usual (we have been in late February and very early March before), and it was noticeable.   It was warm, which was great.  We even got to enjoy some pool time.  But it was also crowded!  Like ridiculously crowded.  Like wait for 2 hours for a ride crowded.  Or not even get on a ride crowded…  BUT, we still had a blast.  We did a few new things and kept tradition with some of our old favorites.  Here are the highlights in picture format…

The trip started with a rainy day at Epcot. All smiles though since vacation was officially underway.

One of our favorite spots at Epcot - eating chocolate croissants in France. Yum!

The next day was our first time at Universal Studios' Islands of Adventure. This might just have to be our Christmas card picture.

If I've talked to you since the trip, I have mentioned how crowded it was. This was the entrance to the Harry Potter area... There were ropes up for crowd control, and there was no way we were waiting in line to go in shops. Still amazing to see, though!

Because the weather was so nice, we actually got some pool time. The kids hated leaving the pool each night.

Our next stop was Animal Kingdom, which is always one of our favorites. Who wouldn't love the Triceratops Spin?

Certainly not this guy!

Here is Papa with Donald Duck and the kids... Donald is Papa's fave, so this was quite a photo opp. Everyone agreed that the Mickey waffles were the best at Chef Mickey's at the Contemporary Resort.

Another Donald picture... We took the day off from all the parks and enjoyed a trip to Downtown Disney and the pool. It was nice to get the break mid-week.

We thought the Barnstormer was still closed due to construction in Toon Town. We were pleasantly surprised to find it open, and it delivered to remain one of our favorite small coasters.

You can't go to Magic Kingdom without doing the Teacups. I love hearing Mason's laugh on this ride. I never ride with her since she LOVES to spin hard, but I certainly can always hear her gleeful giggle the entire time.

Papa had some back issues, so he couldn't do everything with us. We missed him a lot, and were always happy when we were all back together.

We ended the trip at the T-Rex restaurant at Downtown Disney. That steaming thing in front of us is the Chocolate Extinction dessert. Holy Stegosaurus was that thing good!

I think that’s enough pictures.  Hope I didn’t go a little overboard, but we had a great time and always love reliving the memories with pictures.  The 2-year countdown has already begun.