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Sweet Tooth March 8, 2012

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There is no denying that I have a sweet tooth.  It’s like saying “the sky is blue.”  It’s just a statement of fact.  I don’t know if this sweet tooth was passed down to me through genetics (my family does like its chocolate!) or whether I have built this sweet tooth by nurturing it all these years.  I grew up eating dessert.  It was a fact of life that we would get dessert after dinner.  And my mom would bake a cake every time we scored a goal in a soccer game (eventually the “baking” turned into “buying” the delicious Pepperidge Farm freezer cakes that were so delicious because she couldn’t bake a cake every weekend!)  I was so active as a kid that I never really had to worry about the effects of all these sweets.  But now as a thirty-something, I have to worry about how each sweet will affect me.  And to tell you the truth, I hate having to care.  But it just means I have to stay active and work out that much more.   Hence my mantra below.

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I’ve had to work out a lot lately because I’ve just wanted to bake.  It’s what I love.  I think that it’s my stress relief.  And life has been pretty darn stressful lately, so I’ve needed a lot of relief.

Here are some of the things I’ve baked…

PW's Cinnamon Rolls - I've been wanting to make them for a while, so Christmas seemed to be the time. They did not disappoint!

Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie for Santa - the kids added the sprinkles. This was heavenly!

The lion cake for Coop's birthday.

Sugar cookie bars inspired by Pinterest.

Individual heart-shaped brownies for Valentine's Day.

And my new favorite chocolate chip cookie!

We’re off to Disneyworld soon, and I plan to eat a lot of sweets there.  Luckily we do a lot of walking at the parks so I have a chance to burn off the calories I’ll be consuming.  I’ll make sure to take pictures of the sweet treats and write about them when we return.

Here are the links to the recipes from above:

Pioneer Woman’s Cinnamon Rolls

Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie

Lion Cake (recipe just for the pound cake)

Sugar Cookie Bars

Chocolate Chip Cookies