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Conversations With Cooper February 26, 2012

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I wish I was quick enough to write down things my kids have said over the years.  This blog will have to do as my memory bank.  Right now, almost any conversation with Cooper is a gem.  He is quite a talker.  He has amazing ideas and will talk them through ad nauseam.  Here are just some of the recent conversations I have had with him.

Conversation #1

Cooper: When I grow up and have my own kids, all I am going to feed them is pizza.

Me: But they wouldn’t be healthy if all they ate was pizza.

Cooper: Well, then I’ll give them a fruit and pizza, but that’s it!

Conversation #2

Jeremy: You have the choice to play tennis and soccer, lacrosse or swimming.  Which one do you want to do?

Cooper:  I want to do bull-riding where I ride the bull and have a rope and swing it around over my head.

Conversation #3 (2 weeks after Conversation #2)

Cooper:  Mommy, we should get bull masks and wear them.  And I’ll be a baby bull, and you’ll be a mommy bull and Daddy will be a daddy bull and Mason will be another baby bull.  Then we’ll wear the masks all the time forever and ever.  And we’ll even wear them to Disneyworld, and then we can scare people with our bull masks.  But we’ll still be able to eat people food because we’ll still have our mouths and our eyes.

Me (Speechless)

Conversation #4

Cooper (in bed with a stuffed dolphin, lion, orca and horse):  Don’t kill us tonight, Orca!  Mommy, did you hear me say that?  I said it because orcas are killer whales and they like to fight.

Me (thinking in my head): Good night, buddy.  I can’t wait to hear what you have to say tomorrow.


2 Responses to “Conversations With Cooper”

  1. Alaina Says:

    Ha, too funny! He sounds like quite the character!

  2. What a wonderful way to “re-enter” my favorite world of cherished family. Love the Coop Conversations…have had few with him myself about God, Jesus, and other deep topics. Keep him talking and thinking…there’s a lot in that little head just waiting to come out, Love, meema

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