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Taming the Colloseos! February 13, 2012

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A needed weekend of fun and socializing for me!  After last week, I was ready for the weekend.  And I needed a good one to energize me again.  Thankfully it delivered.  From date night to a haircut to errands to a birthday party to a family date with some fab friends…

We have family friends (the Cramers) that we get together with about twice a year.  I wish it was more than that, but with busy schedules, actually finding a day that works for both of us only happens about twice a year.  I went to college with the husband/daddy, but have bonded with the wife/mommy, and the kids all get along too.  Our playdates with toddlers have now turned into big adventures.  We’re always looking for the next big thing, which is great because it keeps me on my toes and means that we actually do fun things with the kids rather than shying away from them due to long tiring weeks.

Yesterday, our adventure was a visit to Port Discovery in Baltimore followed by a delicious Italian dessert family face-off.   We had been to Port Discovery before, but it was when the kids were much younger, and we didn’t get to take advantage of all the great exhibits.  Now that they are older, we spent hours there!  It was so fun watching them run around and really get into things like the KidWorks “urban tree house” and the Adventure Expeditions through Egypt.  Jeremy and I were worried about how long we could keep the kids entertained, but our visit easily stretched past the 3-hour mark.  I think we could have been there longer, but the promise of gelato in Little Italy was too big and could not compete with another run on the indoor soccer field.

So off to Little Italy we went.  It was a cold and windy walk, but dessert was calling us and warming our bellies as we turned each corner into the wind.  Finally our destination was in sight.  Vaccaro’s is a Baltimore tradition.  Their cannolis are famous, but we were there for one thing only.  The Colloseos!  (A quarter, half or whole Belgian waffle topped with several scoops of gelato, whipped cream, chocolate sauce and a cherry.)  Our friends had tried the Colloseos several times before – easily finishing the half, but never finishing the whole.  Jeremy was all over this.  He offered up the challenge for a “half”, and Angela (wife/mommy friend) eagerly accepted.  Which family would tame the Colloseos first?

The Lake Colloseos - mint chocolate chip and vanilla chocolate chip gelato

The Cramer Colloseos - vanilla and vanilla chocolate chip gelato

 Although the Cramers had the advantage of a five-person family, Jeremy offered to make up for the difference.  (So noble of him, right?)  Ours came out first, so we counted to 30 before diving in.  Shortly after, the Cramer’s got theirs and dug in as well.  Within minutes, our plates looked like this…

It was a dessert to write home about. This thing was amazing!

The Cramers finished seconds before us (even with us counting down from 30 after we finished to make up for our early start)

It was so good, the kids were slurping up the melted ice cream with their straws.

I wish I had had a straw to do the same thing!

It was a delicious way to end the day (and the weekend), but we all agreed on one thing – we should have gone for the whole Colloseos.

Next time for sure!
Watch out, Cramers!