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Can’t (cough) Stop (cough) Coughing! February 8, 2012

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Ready for some randomness?

I am literally overrun with coughs right now.  I think my throat is getting torn up by all the coughing, and I feel like it is hard to get anything done.  Now the smart thing would have been to get cough drops.  For some reason I have not yet.  But that is the first thing on my list for today!  I need to get some relief.

At the same time, I have shoulder pain that is majorly affecting how and what I do.  The doctor has told me I can’t do any activity for the next week or two while I try to let it heal.  She also prescribed some meds that I’m a little nervous to take.  I hate to “lose control,” especially when the notes say to not drive or operate heavy machinery.  That’s a little too much for me.

I have just over a week left in my current office that is only 2 blocks away from my house.  (Nice commute, huh?)  We’re in the middle of packing, shredding, and dumping all while trying to do our regular work.  I’m also learning a lot of new responsibilities and skills, which is exciting.

The thing that has kept me going this week was getting to hang with my family over the weekend.  I love when I get to hang with my sister, Hayes and Scott.  The kids and I took a road trip to see them just for the day.  Thankfully the kids were amazing in the car, and we all had a good time.  And we even got to pick up my mom and Jerry at the airport, take them to lunch and then watch them take off again.  Such fun, especially for the kids!

Nature walk at Chris Greene Lake

And I’m hoping the coming weekend is free of sickness and full of productivity and fun!