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Random Holiday Musings December 19, 2011

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I was on a roll last week.  And then some nasty stuff hit the fan.  Work was full of stress, and Mason got the stomach flu.  It was horrible timing.  I had been looking forward to the weekend so much – my mom was going to take the kids so that Jeremy and I could get stuff done for Christmas and attend an adult Christmas party.  When Mason got sick, I thought the whole weekend was ruined.  Luckily she woke up Saturday in good spirits, and my mom was still willing to take them.  Unfortunately, Mason started feeling bad again Saturday night, so it wasn’t all fun and games at Meema’s.  But thankfully Jeremy and I got the time we needed to buy new tile for our bathroom (more on that later) and attend the party.  Here are my thoughts from the weekend…

1.  I am so glad we got the majority of our Christmas shopping done before this past weekend!  We had to go to Michael’s for something, and it was mayhem in the shopping center.  Sunday we got to the mall at 10am, and it was surprisingly empty.  We were able to buy the last of our gifts (gift cards for all the teachers in my kids’ lives) and get out of there without any harm.  When we were back near the mall 4 hours later, the parking lot was full!  Thank goodness for Amazon and Etsy this year!

2.  Did you know that bull-nose tile (the kind with the rounded edges that you install around the border of the shower) cost just as much as the amount needed for the entire shower surround?  We learned that the hard way this weekend.  Since gutting our bathroom 6 years ago and starting over, we’ve had to deal with a mystery leak.  We’ve spent the last 2 years trying to figure out where the leak was coming from.  And now the end result is that we have to tear out the entire shower area and install a new tub and new tile.  I’m sure you can imagine how happy we are about this.  And I’m sure you can imagine our surprise when the number we had in our head for buying tile came out twice as much thanks to all the bull-nose tile!  BUT we’re very much looking forward to the new look in the bathroom that we chose.  I’ll blog about it when the process starts in 3 weeks.

3.  Every year around Christmas, someone in our family gets the stomach flu.  Every year around Christmas, I spend most of the time worrying about who will be next.  Who will get sick on Christmas?  Who will it be the unlucky one?  I have not been spared that stress this year, but I’m trying to think positive and keep the family healthy!

4.  I can’t wait for vacation next week!  I only have a few days of vacation to use, so I’ll have to work a couple of half days, but hopefully I can do that from home.  Just the thought of having almost an entire week out of work is keeping me going during this stressful pre-holiday week.  Jeremy is taking two weeks off, and I’m super jealous, but I know he needs the time too.  I’m looking forward to some relaxed family time coming up.

5.  Less than 3 months until we’re at Disneyworld!

Time to get back to wrapping presents for Santa.  Gosh, I love Christmas!