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Thankful for Thanksgiving November 28, 2011

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After everything else I was thankful for last week, I finished out the weekend being very thankful for Thanksgiving itself.  Spending time with my family during a beautiful weekend at the beach….  Couldn’t really get any better than that!  So here goes my photo montage of our Thanksgiving weekend in Lewes, DE.

The cousins loved being together. Hayes just gets a kick out of Mason and Cooper, and Mason is so loving with him. I love watching them grow up together.

I fell in love with Just Dance on Wii. So much fun and such a great workout!

While Thanksgiving Day was a bit windy, the rest of the weekend was absolutely gorgeous!

Hayes couldn't get enough of the sand. Jen and Scott were kind enough to just let him explore.

The waterfront park in Lewes was a big hit with the younger set. What a beautiful setting.

Oh yeah, and there was turkey and feasting! Delicious dinner thanks to everyone's contributions.

Kristin, Nana and Papa went to Cape Henlopen to get sunset pictures, which were AMAZING! I stayed behind and got this.

There was a lot of seashell hunting going on. Mason brought home a nice little collection.

Forgot the tripod, but did manage to get a few keepers of the whole gang (minus cameraman, Jeremy.)

Hayes and Jen braved the cold waters for the sake of exploration.

Kristin braved the cold waters for the sake of saving a seashell pod.

The sheer beauty of the weekend and all the fun we had will be a memory I will treasure forever.


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