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Thankful #6 November 22, 2011

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Today I am thankful for progress.  This one is very direct to my life right now.  I think I told you that we are redoing our basement.  “Redoing” is strong – we’re actually finishing it as it was never really finished before despite having a room with walls and carpet.

My thrifty husband wanted to take on a new project.  (Apparently a shed that has been in the works for 4 years and is still not finished is not enough of a reason to hire professionals.  But that’s another post for another time.)  He had a very aggressive schedule for himself.  He wanted to be done before Cooper’s birthday in January so that we could have his Star Wars or Mario themed birthday in the newly finished basement.  (Cooper is still undecided on a theme.)  As of now, Jeremy doesn’t think we’re going to make the deadline.  We have to consider the schedule of an electrician (who hasn’t been called) and a drywaller (who we don’t have a number for yet.)  And worst of all, we have to figure out a leak coming from our bathroom above, which means time away from the basement and/or more money we’re scared to spend.

You’re probably wondering when I’ll get to the part about being thankful for progress rather than going on and on about our setbacks…

I really am thankful for progress (and my hubby!) because it gave me this!

The wall separating the den from the work space.

Walls around the staircase and a doorway into the laundry room.

My pantry! It's small, but I don't care! And wait, is that a door?

Yes! It's a pocket door leading to the laundry room. So proud of hubby for installing that!

There is still more framing to do.  Then the electrical work.  Then the insulation.  Then the drywall goes up.  Then the floors go in.  Then the painting.  Then the trim.  Then…  and only then… will we be partying!  It might seem a long way off, but I’m still thankful for progress!