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Thankful #3 November 19, 2011

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Today I am thankful for technology.  In a way, this relates to my post yesterday about memories.  Technology like this darn computer I write all my blogs on….  Technology like cameras, iPhones, text messaging are just the things we use to document and then recall the memories.

Pictures are a time capsule for me.  My Picasa account has thousands of pictures on it.  And that number grows daily.  While we have definitely slowed down in our picture taking now that the kids are older and life is busier, I still cherish what visual memories we keep, like this day when the kids had a blast playing in the leaves.

I’ve been putting together the photo calendar we make each year for our parents and other family members.  I looked through a year of photos to pull the ones worthy of looking at for a month on end.  I realized that we usually take pictures only at important events now – birthdays, trips, etc.  But every so often I would find a random picture from just a normal day, and it would take me back to that day to remember why I was so inclined to pull out our DSLR or my iPhone to document the moment.  The fact that we can take pictures (of good quality!) with our phones and then send that picture to others instantly or post them to Facebook for all of our “friends” to see or create a slideshow set to music or print the picture on a calendar to remind us of the moment next year…  It’s all mind boggling for sure.  But it’s also pretty darn awesome.

How else would I have gotten this picture of my nephew on Halloween night?

How else could my sister create an amazing slideshow of our past for my mom’s retirement?  How else would my best friend be able to send me warm fuzzies via text message when she knows I need cheering up and can’t be there in person?  TECHNOLOGY!  Thank you technology.