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Friday Fun October 28, 2011

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Today was all about TGIF!  It’s been a rough week, and I’m looking forward to the weekend.  The kids are going to Nana and Papa’s house, and Jeremy and I get to work on the basement and have a date night!  So grateful to have the grandparents so close by.  So before the kids leave us for 24 hours, let me reminisce about all the good times we’ve been having…  picture style…

Fun times at the park for the kids, and fun times on Diptic app for Mommy.

The Gun Show at the Fall Harvest Festival

Sack races at the Fall Harvest Festival... Good reminder that I'm getting old, but still tons of fun!

We bought the kids scooters. Mason loved hers for the first week, but now it sits in our exercise room waiting for more action. Cooper loved buying his, but doesn't want to ride it. Oy oy oy

Hayes had his first metro ride! We were so excited to share in the fun with him.

A windy and cold morning at Carters Mountain, but came home with lots o' pumpkins!

We celebrated Mason's birthday several times. She was on a sugar and present high for about 2 weeks!

Ok, I think taking a look at those pictures will help remind me of all the wonderful memories we’ve been creating this fall.   It’s been going by so fast, it’s hard to remember it all.  And IF I miss the kids tomorrow, I can easily take a look at this post.  But mostly I think I’ll focus on my alone time with Jeremy and enjoy the quiet of a house with no kids.   Happy Friday to you all!