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Six Years October 14, 2011

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Dear Mason,

Six years ago today you hesitantly came into this world.  Despite being a week late, you were in no rush to join us.  After several hours of waiting for drugs to get the ball rolling, Dr. Novak gave us a choice – go home and come back the next week to try again or head to the operating room for a c-section.  We had already waited 41 weeks for you, so we were definitely not going home!  We would leave that hospital with a baby.

I know we’ve told you this story many times, but you were born to Beastie Boys’ song “Girls.”  It was very appropriate, although we didn’t know you were going to be a girl until Dr. Novak pulled you out.  I had been asked in the operating room, right before the process began, to guess the sex and the weight.  Without even thinking about it, I said, “Girl. 9 lbs.”  My prediction came true…  almost…  You were just over 8 pounds 15 ounces, so they rounded up to 9.  And in that instant of hearing, “It’s a girl,” our lives changed forever.

Some of my favorite memories are etched in my mind, but thankfully I have pictures too.

You started sleeping through the night at 8 weeks, and Daddy and I were so grateful! We're still waiting to see if you are a true early-riser like me or will sleep in like your dad.

You started smiling at around 3 months and then became fascinated with your tongue around 4 months. We got to make many "Wassup!" jokes. Your smile has continued to be one of my favorite things.

You fell in love with the beach the first time we went before you were even a year old. We believe you will be going to college in California. Heck! You already have owned two Stanford t-shirts! We really need an excuse to visit, so can you please?

I hate to tell you, but you've always had stinky feet!

After having an egg allergy for a couple of years and not getting to eat a lot of baked goods, you have certainly made up for it. Nothing can get between you and your cake!

You have looked out for your brother since the day he was born. Even in the moments of fighting, it is clear you both love each other, and we look forward to seeing the two of you grow up together.

This picture captures so much of you. From your love of fine dresses to your love of swinging... The swing at Jen and Scott's will always hold a special place in my heart because I have seen you mature on this swing. You love the wind in your hair, and I love the fearlessness I see in you.

You have the perfect mix of girly-girl and tomboy. From High School Musical to Star Wars. From dressing up to sneakers. From dance class to soccer. You never cease to amaze me.

You make your mark! You have shined all your life, and I hope you keep that light burning bright forever! You shine so bright, I have to wear shades.

You are determined. Some think that is a nice way to say stubborn, but I hope you stay determined to always do your best. Just make sure to not be so hard on yourself when you think your best isn't good enough.

My favorite memories of you are when you have no guard up, no stinker in you, no worries on your mind... They are when your laughter fills a room and when your love is surrounding everything. Those are the best memories.

Six years ago you brought tears to my eyes and a smile to my face.  And today, you do the same.  My tears, though, are tears of joy and pride.  My smile is big and bright because I love you so much – all of you!

On your sixth birthday, I wish for one thing…  Keep on dancing like no one’s watching!


One Response to “Six Years”

  1. Alaina Says:

    Happy birthday, Mason! I love the story of her birth, and too funny that she came out to that song! You have such beautiful children. Thank you for sharing!

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