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I’m Official October 13, 2011

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One of my goals for this fall was to get more involved with our community.  Over the past several years, Jeremy and I have felt like we didn’t really know many people in our neighborhood.  It’s an older suburb, and we live on a busy street, so our neighbors range from the elderly who have lived in the homes since they were built in the 1940’s to middle-aged singles to young singles.  There are not many families – or at least we didn’t think so.  The families all lived in the blocks surrounding us on the less busy roads.  We believed that once Mason started Kindergarten, we would meet the other families and get to know them well. At least that was my goal.

We’re into Month 2 of Kindergarten, and I honestly don’t feel any differently.  Sure, we met some people Back to School Night, but no one I can consider a fast friend.  I’ve realized, though, that I usually sit back and wait for people to come talk to me.  I rarely go out of my way or approach first.  To reach my goal, I’ll have to get out of my comfort zone.  And that is exactly why I decided to volunteer with the Girl Scouts.

The Daisies are Girls Scouts for Kindergarteners and first graders.  We thought it would be a great way for Mason to meet other girls in her grade and get out and be active.  Since a lot of the activities involve crafts and exploring outside, we thought it would be a great fit for her, and she is really excited about it.  Let’s hope that continues once it gets going!  On the other hand, I am excited because I’ll get to meet other moms from the other classes.  I’m out of my comfort zone because I was never a Girl Scout myself.  Not a Daisy, not a Brownie… nothing.  So this is a whole new world for me.

I have volunteered as the troop photographer, which means I will need to be at all the activities taking pictures of the girls and their experiences.  Then, at the end of the year, I hope to make a slideshow and/or scrapbook for each of the girls in the troop.  Photography definitely interests me, and I like that I’ll get to do this with Mason and meet other mothers and daughters.  Our first meeting is next Sunday, and I hope it is the kick-off to a wonderful year.  First up, though, is going to the Girl Scout store for Mason’s uniform.  Then she will be official too!