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For The Girls… Again! September 9, 2011

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Labor Day weekend has become one of my favorites – something I really look forward to.  Not only does it mark the beginning of fall (which is my favorite season), but it also marks the running and/or walking of the Charlottesville Women’s Four Miler!  My mom, my aunt and my sister’s mother-in-law (third grandmother to my own kids), converge on my sister’s house in Charlottesville for a weekend of fun…  families included as well, of course.

I think this is the fourth year I’ve run it.  It was our second year as the FAB FIVE (although this year we were the FASCINATING FIVE due to our wonderful head-decorations made by my aunt).  Thankfully we had a beautiful morning yet again.  Running 4 miles among Virginia’s horse country with 3,500 other women is quite invigorating and inspiring.  I just love it!  (Especially when we cross the finish line ahead of our goal!)

Four Miler Team 2009 - Jan, Jen, Me, Meema and Mason

Four Miler Team 2010 - Judy, Jan, Me, Jen, Meema and Mason

Four Miler Team 2011 - Judy, Me, Jen, Jan, Meema

As always when we run, my sister pushed me through.  She was my pace marker…  If I could keep up with her, I was good.  It got really hard near the three-mile mark, but we pushed ahead together and crossed the finish line together.  I love to run with my sister.  I think we’ve agreed we’re not doing another 10-miler like we did in March – four miles is good.  Maybe even a 10k, but that’s my limit!  And after this run last weekend, I promised myself to not run until I start training again in March for the Zooma 10k in Annapolis.  I just need to give my knees, my back – heck my whole body – a break!

Of course, what would the Four Miler be without our cheering squad and fans?

Adidas Jackets Unite!

I really have no idea what goes on while I'm running.

Scott trying to capture the fun.

Too bad we were just too fast for the cameras.

What would a trip to Charlottesville be without this guy? I'm one of HIS biggest fans!

Another successful Four Miler with the Fascinating Five!  (Did you notice the awesome headbands in the pictures above?)  I can’t wait until next year, which might be our last year since Jen and Scott are most likely moving after that.  My thought?  Make it a girls weekend – rent a house at Wintergreen and live it up with the ladies!  I think we’re on to something here.  Until we can’t do it anymore, I’ll keep racing “for the girls!”


One Response to “For The Girls… Again!”

  1. Jen Says:

    It was another awesome weekend! Thanks so much for being here, for being my running partner, and for everything! Love you!

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