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Jinx! 1,2,3,4,5 August 13, 2011

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I haven’t wanted to write about this in fear of jinxing myself.  But it’s the “good” in many of my days, so I feel I have to share.

Ever since we got back from vacation, the kids have gradually gotten better.  They smile more.  They fight less.  They help more.  They whine less (sort of!)  They think about others.  They work with each other.  It’s pretty awesome.

Cooper has turned back into my sweet little boy, instead of the terror 3-year-old he was being.  He still has his moments (especially at bedtime), but mostly, he’s just sweet and cuddly and loves to talk.  And I’m loving it right now as we get ready to send our eldest to kindergarten – just more proof that my first-born is growing up, and time is moving too fast.

Mason is quite the big girl.  She has matured so much this summer.  Part of it was not a good mature – learning new things that were definitely beyond her age!  But most of it is a joy to watch.  She’s tying her own shoes.  She’s about to lose her first tooth (more to come on that!)  She’s helping her little brother and helping us.  What a change!

So does writing this mean that by tomorrow they will be back to their pre-vacation ways?  I sure hope not.  Hanging with my kids these days is my highlight.  I laugh.  I smile.  Life is good when we’re together.

Ok, JINX! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5….  10!!!  And yes, I’ve been knocking on wood the entire time I have been writing this post.  Oh, I hope it works!