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“Active” Vacation – Part 3 July 30, 2011

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Wow!  How did it get to be a week later, and I still haven’t finished my posts on vacation?  I guess something to do with work and camp and getting back into the grind.  But lo and behold, here it is – the final vacation post!

With all the activity, we were enjoying sleeping in. Well, as much "sleeping" as adults can do with stuck in a double bed with squirmy kids!

Our last full day in Maine was a busy one. We started with breakfast and a stroll on the beach in Kennebunkport.

Then off to Portland for a noon game with the Portland Sea Dogs.

It was hot, so after only three innings, some ice cream, and the purchase of a baseball hat, we were off.

Next up was Freeport – home of L.L. Bean.  Strangely enough we never even made it into the mother ship.  We were in awe of the new buildings there, hit up the Bean outlet and a few other stores, but were otherwise “over” Freeport.  Yes, it’s a good shopping destination, but nothing that we can’t get down here.  Oh yeah, except for the HUGE L.L. Bean complex (I think they have several buildings for different things now), which we didn’t even get into.  Tired, whiny kids can cut a lot of things short.

But we got a few things and then hopped in the car back to Portland for dinner.  We met up with the friends who had hosted the BBQ earlier in the week.  Yummy pizza, good conversation – great combination!  Finally, after our long day of activities, it was back to Ogunquit for our last night.

Chillaxing at the hotel. Why didn't we do this every night?

Mason had learned how to use the camera the day before, and she was loving taking pictures. And we loved watching her get into it. Jeremy now believes that our almost six-year-old knows just as much as we do about our DSLR!

Good night, Ogunquit!

The next morning included one last trip to the beach and then time to pack everything up for the ride home.  While we had originally thought we would split up the drive home like we had done on the way up, Jeremy and I knew we would appreciate it so much more if we could just get HOME!  So we were in for the long haul.  I mean, it was only going to be 9 hours – what could be bad about that?  Umm…  Yeah…  It took 12 hours!!  We left Ogunquit at 10:30am and pulled into our driveway at 10:30pm after hitting traffic for really bad accidents twice on the way home!  We were stopped on the Jersey turnpike for at least a half hour.  While the adults were clawing at the seats to get out, the kids did great.  I was pleasantly surprised with how well they did on this trip considering all the activities and car time.  It made for a truly “active” and memorable vacation!


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