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“Active” Vacation – Part 2 July 24, 2011

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If you may remember from Part 1, our goal for our second full day in Maine was to do everything without a car.  Luckily our hotel was very conveniently located to the town with shops and restaurants.  And there was a local trolley that took you up and down the main road, so we could get to places a bit further away if we so desired.  With all the car time we had had on the way up, and all the time we knew was coming the next day and on the trip home, we felt it was really important to focus on what was right in front of us.

I woke up early (as I did most mornings because I shared a bed with Mason, and she is quite the kicker!) and went for a run along Marginal Way, which I could access right in front of our hotel.  I decided to travel the direction we had yet to explore, and I’m so glad I did.  I found the Maine I was searching for – what I had been hoping to find on this trip!  Knowing what was just around the corner, I went back, woke everyone up, and got us out to the beach to enjoy the low tide.

Beach time!

This is where the term "vacation" got muddled. There was no time to sit on the beach reading the plethora of magazines we had packed. Nope - it was time to join the kids in the 57 degree water and play in the sand.

Because the tide changes are so drastic up north, all the sand we were on was wet because it never had the chance to dry between low and high tides. It made building sand castles that much easier!

The water was inching closer and closer as the morning went on, and we eventually had to jump ship and pack up. Off to the pool!

Marco! Polo! Where did they go?

Lunch at a local Mexican place and then off to Perkins Cove!

We have so many pictures from Perkins Cove, but I don't want to bore you. I honestly could dedicate an entire post of pictures to this place. This one is the most representative of the beauty of this small harbor.

Our treat for the day was candy from the local candy shop. As you can tell, it was still pretty warm - a chocolate covered pretzel didn't even make it over the footbridge before melting away in Mason's hand... and mouth...

While we had taken the trolley to Perkins Cove, we decided to walk on Marginal Way to get back to our hotel. The kids did really well despite the heat and the distance. I think our frequent "candy stops" helped, though.

When we finally made it back to the hotel, the kids were zonked. We took a break and then rode the trolley to dinner and back before settling in for a movie in our hotel room. We had succeeded in our "no car" goal!

I was hoping to get this trip done in two posts, but the sheer amount of pictures we took and things we did makes that hard to do.  As you can tell, this truly was an “active” vacation.  Of course we had to make sure we were working off all the extra calories from ice cream, chicken nuggets, more ice cream, chocolate covered pretzels….  We’re ready for a treat ban at our house after all the sugar we consumed last week.  But what good is a vacation if you don’t break the rules a little bit?  Stay tuned for Part 3 – the final edition!


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