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Work Hard, Play Hard July 14, 2011

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With my new job (sort of the same job just with our new parent company), I have been working hard.  Honestly, I can’t remember every working this hard in my life.  I think being the Head Counselor at an overnight enrichment camp was hard work, but it was also a lot of fun, so the hard work didn’t really count.  But now my hard work is counting.  I literally work every minute of my 8.5 hour day.  I’m used to having a little bit of time to scroll through the blogs I follow, email some friends, and take a breather.  But lately, it is non-stop action at work.  And it’s taking its toll, which is why I am relishing in my weekends…  Especially weekend getaways.  This past weekend was one such getaway.

We went to Deep Creek Lake with some great friends who had rented a house for the week to bring all of their family together.  We got lucky when they invited us to join them for a few nights.  I had only been to Deep Creek once before a few years ago with Jeremy’s family.  And while we stayed for just a few nights that time, I have since deemed it one of my favorite vacations.  It is just so peaceful there.  It is everything I want in a vacation.  Water, mountains, relaxation, adventure…  And this time did not disappoint!

Anna, Cooper, Mason and Jeremy heading towards the water to check out the sand box.


The sand box passed the test!


Cooper was ready to go swimming, though, so back to the house we went.


My little fish... Or as he calls himself - a jumping dolphin!


Mason has been learning to swim at camp this summer, and she is getting better every day. But sometimes you just need a break in the sand.


After playing hard all day, I got to hang with my BFF into the night.


The next day it was time for the slip n' slide. Cooper jumped right on!


The beach area was perfect for our little ones. Next time, we definitely need some canoes, though!


The girls got some time away from the pool-playing, beer-drinking boys.

Seriously, this was an amazing trip.  None of us wanted to leave after our 2 nights were up.  Deep Creek continues to hold up as an amazing retreat.  I hope we can make this an annual thing with our friends too – even if just for a weekend.  The kids all get along so well, and the adults have a darn good time together too.  In fact, I already miss them.  But we had to get back to work, school and camp before leaving on our next adventure!  More working hard this week, so we can play hard next week.



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