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Happy 4th of July, Y’all! July 4, 2011

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Thank goodness for three-day weekends.  Thank goodness for good weather (even if it is pretty darn hot!)  And thank goodness for Oregon Ridge!

After successfully doing local fireworks with the kids last year, we felt confident in attempting to try what used to be an annual tradition for Jeremy and I.  His family has gone to the fireworks at Oregon Ridge (in conjunction with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra) pretty much every year.  Jeremy and I used to go, but since it’s a drive to get there, and it would mean keeping the kids up very late, we have not gone in a few years.  I’m so glad we tried it this year, and so glad it was successful!

We arrived around 6pm with Nana, Papa, and Kristin, and met up with some friends.  After picking our spot on the hill (it used to be an old ski slope) and setting up blankets, chairs, coolers, etc., we headed off to the park to get rid of some energy.  After running around, we settled down for our picnic dinner before the BSO started their show.  It’s a great experience!  Listening to the BSO play John Williams and American music that all leads up to the 1812 Overture before the fireworks start.  Definitely gets you in the American spirit!

Kristin and Mason in their red, white and blue.

Thankfully the rain held off. While still a bit hot, it was not nearly as bad as we expected. But not to worry! The cold canned beers kept us cool.

Mason had a blast the entire time. Glowsticks and cookies make any little girl happy.

Cooper, on the other hand, wanted to go home after the first "boom" of a canon during the 1812 Overture. He stayed in this position all while the fireworks exploded right over his head. We had one tired little boy on our hands.

At the end of the day, we were all exhausted and didn’t get home until about 11:30pm.  Jeremy, Mason and I, and the rest of the gang had a wonderful time and loved watching the fireworks over our heads.  (We were about 150 yards from where they were setting them off.)  Cooper was not into it, but I think it was because he was so tired.  He had been looking forward to the fireworks all week, so I’m bummed he didn’t get to see them.  We’ve got about 8 months until Disneyworld, though, so hopefully he’ll get over it enough to be able to enjoy the major fireworks show there!

We’re still enjoying our three-day weekend and have another one next week too, as well as our big vacation coming up soon so lots more fun to come this summer.

Here’s wishing you all a happy and safe 4th of July!