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Lesson Learned… Twice! July 3, 2011

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Mason’s summer camp is reminiscent of the laid back, lack of structure camps we had as kids.  (Very unusual it seems these days!)  She ends up swimming 3 days a week, which is awesome because I know she is getting great experience and becoming more confident in the water everyday.  The downside of this is the effect all that swimming has had on her hair.

Her long, beautiful hair.

She comes home every day with so many knots.  Brushing her hair induces tears and a lot of screaming and whining.  I bought some leave-in conditioner, but before we could see how that would affect her hair, Jeremy decided she needed a haircut.   I was going to be out to brunch with some girlfriends so I gave him the instructions… “a few inches, but please cut in layers to give it some body.”  He asked if it would be ok if he took her to his barber shop since he needed a haircut too.  I was hesitant remembering the last time he had done that.  She had come back with what looked like someone had literally just cut straight across the bottom – almost like a bowl cut.  But I figured since I was giving such specific instructions, we’d give it another try.

Well, I (and Jeremy) have now learned my lesson twice.  Despite the barber shop having pictures of women and men all over the place, they have NO experience cutting women’s hair.  Jeremy said that he gave the man instructions, who then looked over at the owner (sitting to the side with his arm in a sling) with fear and a look of not knowing what in the world Jeremy had just requested.  In the end, the one-armed owner cut my daughter’s hair.  Even when she had been released from the chair and was over playing with toys while Jeremy finished getting his cut, the owner was attempting to straighten things out with scissors while she played. (And yes, Mason’s hair was cut in less time than it took to cut her dad’s very short  hair!)

One side is definitely longer than the other.

Seriously? And yes, we paid money for this!

So today my mission was to correct this blatant catastrophe.  Off to Cartoon Cuts we went in hopes of getting everything evened out.  When I told the woman what had happened, she just shook her head and treated Mason like she had been through some horrible experience.  (Honestly, Mason couldn’t care less.  I was trying not to make a big deal out of it so that she wouldn’t get self-conscious.)  Unfortunately, to fix what had happened, a lot more hair had to come off.

The "After" picture.

Definitely short!

Honestly, it’s a very “cute” cut.  I do like it, but she looks 100 times different from what she looked like 2 days ago.  She seems to really like it, and that is what matters.  And the best part is that hair grows back.

Heck, if I can recover from this…

Bowl cut extraordinaire!

Anything is possible!


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