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Trying June 29, 2011

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I’m trying very hard to be healthy.  After the Celebration Triathlon in Columbia on Sunday that I participated in as a relay team, I am feeling shamed into being healthier.

Jeremy swam, Kristin biked, and I ran!

Everywhere I looked there were ultra-healthy people walking around and participating in the triathlon (including my BFF Megan – so proud of her for doing the whole thing while juggling the life of a super busy stay-at-home mom!)  Jeremy and I joked that we felt like posers.  We were just part of the relay yet we had the required bracelets, got access to all the goods, had people cheering us on and even earned a medal at the end!  It was a blast (except for the whole swimming, biking and running thing), but we were definitely not triathletes!

Combine that with a shocking number on the scale last week (why do I even do it to myself?), and I’m motivated to be healthy!  I have no goal weight in mind.   I am on no set diet.  I just want to be healthier.  You’d think with all the races I do, I’d be in better shape, but apparently the whole cookie-eating, frozen yogurt with lots of toppings-eating, and beer-drinking that I have been doing isn’t helping.  And when I realized my kids were eating Pop Tarts every single day for breakfast, I said it’s time to do something!

Here are some of the changes I’ve made so far:

1.  Pop Tarts  are not on the menu every morning.  I’m offering Nutrigrain bars, whole grain waffles, English muffins, toast, bagels and cereal.

2.  Fruit for breakfast!  We have always had fruit readily available, but I want more of it at breakfast to start our day off right.

3.  At night, I allow myself either a beer or a low-calorie dessert.  I can’t get both like I used to do.  During the week, it is definitely only low-calorie desserts like Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches.  On the weekend, I think I might let myself splurge a little bit depending on how I’ve been doing.  If I deprive myself of sweets too much, it would have an adverse effect on my mental health.  And I can’t be dealing with that now given the stress I’m going through at work these days.

4.  Core workouts.  Because of all the racing I’ve been doing, my workouts have been running, running, and more running.  But I need to focus on my core and get rid of these awesome love handles and ponch that my kids so lovingly left when they exited my body.  I haven’t decided on any one routine, although I’ve been tempted by a few.  I’ve done Jillian Michael’s Shred before.  I’m looking into the 10 Minute Trainer, and I’m super curious about Zumba.  For now, On Demand’s Exercise TV is giving me a good enough variety, so I’ll stick with that for now.  Love free exercise videos!

So those are the changes I’ve put into place this week.  I hope I can stick with it.  And I hope my family doesn’t start a revolt when they can’t have Pop Tarts two days in a row!

I’m participating in Nain’s Motivation Monday.  Link up if you’re motivated this week!


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