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Our Pre-K Graduate June 17, 2011

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It’s official!  My daughter is now a Pre-K Graduate – Class of 2011 (Future HS Class of 2025!)

This was actually her second graduation since she was in the same class last year, and all her friends were graduating and moving onto kindergarten.  She partook in the ceremony even though she was not moving on with everyone else.

You may remember our struggle with whether we were going to send Mason to kindergarten early or keep her in preschool another year.  Well, we obviously kept her in preschool.  And now that she will be entering kindergarten as a confident young girl, I am so glad we made that decision.  Her teachers and our friends kept saying that no one ever regrets holding their kids back.  While we only have this experience and can’t comment on what life would have been like if we had tested her in early, I definitely agree that we do not regret the decision.  I am so glad we kept her in pre-k one more year.

She is such a different girl this summer than she was last.  I am confident that she will enter kindergarten  with grace and excitement and definitely her own confidence!  Her skill level is higher.  Her social skills are better.  She is exactly where I want her to be as she enters this new phase of school.

Going back in time…

Pre-K Graduation 2010

To where we are now…

Pre-K Graduation 2011

Such a change.  Such a positive change.  I am so extremely proud of who Mason is and how she has handled herself at school, with her friends, and with us at home.  I can’t believe how big she is getting and how mature she seems.  The conversations we have are engaging and fun.  She is at a great age, and I can’t wait to see where kindergarten takes her!

Mom and Meema are so proud!

Our little girl is growing up!


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