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My Current Thoughts… June 9, 2011

Filed under: Daily Blog — Robin @ findgoodineveryday @ 4:54 pm

Thanks to Nain over at View From Down Here, I am pushing through my writer’s block (ok, maybe it’s just stress and the overwhelming feeling of being completely out of control of my life!) with a post about my current thoughts…

Current Playlist–  I have a playlist called “Love These Songs” on my iPhone.  It has a bunch of Glee songs, Black Eyed Peas, Kelly Clarkson, Ingrid Michaelson and other random stuff.  With the mix of upbeat, slow, and sing-along worthy songs, I never get bored!

Current nail polish–  Sally Hansen HD Spectrum on my toes.  It’s like a turquoise, and it looks like I need to redo them this weekend.  I never wear polish on my fingers.

Current drink–  I’m usually a Simply Lemonade with Raspberries girl in the summer, but my sister just turned me onto San Pellegrino Orange.  Oh man is it good!

Current food–  I’ll admit that I have had a big cup of frozen yogurt each of the past two days.  A new FrozenYo opened up here in Silver Spring, and I’m a little addicted.  Frozen yogurt is healthy!  And if I put chopped Oreos and peanut butter cups on it too, it’s still healthy because I’m getting my probiotic, right?

Current TV show–  So You Think You Can Dance

Current wish list–  A house cleaner!  We were going to wait until Mason was in kindergarten, but I just got her summer camp bill, and I think we might be able to swing it even earlier.  I’m doing the budget tonight to figure it out before I present this to Jeremy.

Current triumphs–  My company has been going through an acquisition by a larger company for a while, and they finally closed on Monday.  I received some amazing praise from the new company and my own boss for all I did to help make the acquisition a reality, and it felt really good to be acknowledged like that.

Current banes of my existence– Cooper’s sneakers and socks filled with sand.  (Seriously, it’s like he takes a bath in the sandbox at school!) Mason’s filthy feet from wearing Crocs or flip-flops every day.

Current celebrity crush– Ryan Reynolds – always and forever!

Current blessings– Always my family.  I am blessed we are all mostly close to each other.  Close enough that a day trip for a picnic to celebrate my sister’s birthday is not out of the question.  Close enough that my mom can come and help watch the kids if I find myself in a pinch.

Current outfit– Knit skirt, white flow-y (is that a word?) shirt, flip-flops.  How else can I stay cool in 101 degree weather?!

Current mood–  Encouraged.  It’s been a rough week, but I’m pushing through and am encouraged to make it to the weekend because I’m crossing things off my list (like getting a blog post written!)

Current Family Picture


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