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8 Years June 2, 2011

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Eight years ago yesterday, I married my best friend.  It was an amazing day that we will forever cherish in our hearts.  All of our family and friends celebrated with us, and even those no longer with us definitely showed they were there in spirit!

My favorite memory of the day…

Oh wow – there are so many!  I loved walking down the aisle with my mom, behind the bagpiper, towards Jeremy.  I already had tears in my eyes.  I loved how it was raining all morning, but by the time we needed to make the go/no go decision about holding the ceremony outside or not, the sky miraculously cleared up!  There was a gentle breeze throughout the entire ceremony, and I just know my dad had a part in that.   I especially loved the tender moment Jeremy and I shared after we walked down the aisle and into the Liriodendron mansion.  We were both so overwhelmed by everything, and we just held each other as tears trickled down our faces.  But then it was time to party!

What I have learned over the past eight years…

For us, the key is communication (doesn’t everyone say that?), compromise, compassion, and cookies!  Ok, maybe not cookies.

Communication:  knowing where each other stands, dealing with issues and problems, parenting together, sharing the good news and the bad news, and continuing to learn more about each other each day.

Compromise:  you can’t always get what you want, there is a middle ground, problems are often solved through compromise, don’t always be the one to compromise, though!

Compassion:  love each other, listen to each other, try to understand each other, be patient with each other.

Cookies:  bake a lot!  Especially ones with peanut butter if you know your husband loves anything with peanut butter!  (In reality, Jeremy always says he knew he was going to marry me the first night we hung out because I brought him cookies.)

In one way, eight years seems like an eternity.  We bought a house, have two kids, have traveled a lot, and shared many good times and bad.  But in another way, eight years seems like only a small hour in the grand scheme of our lives.  No matter how you look at it, though, I am so grateful for the past eight years of marriage (10 years together!)  I cannot wait to see what the next eight have in store for us… and the next eight…  and then the eight after that…

P.S. We share our wedding anniversary with my sister’s birthday and my parents anniversary.  It’s quite a special day!  So Jen, Happy Birthday again.  Mom, always thinking of you on this day and wishing Dad were here to celebrate with you!

P.P.S.  Eight years ago, it was not the norm for wedding photographers to do everything digitally, so please excuse the quality of the scanned photos.


2 Responses to “8 Years”

  1. Jen Says:

    Happy Anniversary, sissy! Of course you had to choose one of my obnoxious pics from the wedding…at least it wasn’t the one where you were waving me out of your face! 🙂

    Love you so much!

  2. Alaina Says:

    Aw, happy anniversary!!!

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