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Mile High Fun May 10, 2011

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Getting time away is a luxury for me. Jeremy and I try to schedule a couple of weekends by ourselves a couple of times a year. I get a girls night out every other week or so. But I have never traveled by myself without either the kids or Jeremy in about… Ummm… Never!

So when a high school friend of mine from Oregon expressed interest and availability to join me for a girls’ weekend, I jumped at the chance.

Since my friend, Jenny, still lives in Oregon, we decided on Denver as the most interesting midway point. Having grown up (ages 1 to 9) outside of Denver, I was eager to go visit. I don’t think I had been there since 1993 when we went to spread some of my dad’s ashes up in the mountains. So it has been a really long time!


Jenny and I with Denver skyline behind us

Jenny and I had decided on dates, booked flights and a hotel a couple of months before going so when the day finally came to leave, I couldn’t quite believe it. But there I was flying alone all the way to Denver, trying to focus on my book rather than the bumpy ride. After landing and greeting Jenny at her gate, we were off, ready to start our girls’ weekend.

The cool thing about Denver is the awesome public transportation. We didn’t need to rent a car – we just relied on the public buses to get around, to and from the airport and even all the way to Boulder for a day!


We spent a lot of time on Denver buses!

The most liberating thing about the weekend (besides not dealing with my daily routine from home) was that we had really not planned much at all. We had reservations for one night’s dinner; we knew we wanted to get to Boulder (to see my friend, Cory, and to shop at my fave store, Title Nine); and otherwise we just wanted to hang out and explore. And so that’s what we did!


Outside REI flagship store


REI store from across the water


Mountains from Boulder's Pearl Street


Lovely tulips that I knew Mason would love to see. (Her favorite colors!)

Oh! And did I mention that I got to relax?? I finished 2 books while on this trip and renewed my love of reading. I’m hoping to keep it up now that I’m home despite our crazy schedules.


Jenny and I had a great time exploring, relaxing, eating, bus riding, and hanging out. But, as I expected, I started missing Jeremy and the kids rather quickly. I think my true wall hit by the second morning when I didn’t have them all cuddling (or squirming) in bed with me like I do most Saturday mornings. So by Sunday I was more than eager to get home and get my hugs!

It was awesome to get away! And it was wonderful to spend time with Jenny since our separate lives and long-distance friendship have not allowed us to truly hang out in years. Girls’ weekends are necessary. And while I know my next one won’t happen for quite some time, I know now how important they are to my sanity. And luckily Jeremy knows that too!


One Response to “Mile High Fun”

  1. Alaina Says:

    I have a work conference in Boulder in June…these pictures have me excited 🙂 Time away is always a great thing!

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