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Easter Loveliness May 5, 2011

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Ok, so as you remember we had done Hershey Park the day before Easter and got home zonked and ready to chill.  Luckily filling Easter eggs with candy and money is a pretty brainless activity!  I had baked the cake we would be eating on Easter the night before, but I decided to wait to frost it until Sunday so that we wouldn’t have to worry about storing it overnight.  I was super excited about it, though…  Take a peek at the batter…

After a decent night’s sleep, we awoke to a beautiful sunny day.  Thank goodness!  Let the day’s festivities begin.  I’m thinking it might be easier to chronicle the day in pictures, so here we go.

I didn't get pictures of the kids hunting for and eventually finding their baskets, but here is what they looked like. Thanks Easter Bunny!

I started icing the cake while the rest of the gang digested yummy chocolate chip pancakes. Thanks Papa!

Then it was time to color the eggs.

Say "Easter!"

We were all smiles outside. Hot and humid - just what Easter should be, right?

What Easter would be complete without a kazoo parade?

Cooper was having none of it. Stop, I say!

He was more interested in his new orange ball and looking cute. (Note, I said "looking," not "acting!")

Finally time for some family photos.

We got at least one kid to smile!

After a delicious meal, we were ready to dig into the cake!

And dig in, we did! Pretty sweet, but delicious, if I do say so myself. Needless to say it was a very FULL day!


2 Responses to “Easter Loveliness”

  1. Alaina Says:

    That cake looks awesome! 🙂

  2. Jan Jewett Says:

    Nice cake, Ro! Lookin’ good and yummy too.

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