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Our Quick Makeover March 29, 2011

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A couple of Fridays ago, Jeremy and I played hooky.  The weather forecast was gorgeous, and we needed to get a few things done.  Ok, and we really needed a break and we really wanted to spend some time together.  We considered it our “date day” since we don’t often allow ourselves to have too many “date nights.”

We talked about our options for the day:

1.  Long walk on the mall in DC

2.  Visit grown-up museums

3.  Bike Ride

4.  Shopping

5.  Yard work

All of them were appealing except for #5 naturally.  While we were sitting in the living room talking about our options, we brought up the fact that we had given ourselves a budget of $600 for new window treatments in that room.  I looked around the room and determined that our rug was filthy and I was sick of it; I wanted fresh new pillows for our couch; and I wanted to create a seasonal mantel (inspired by one of my fave blogs, The Lettered Cottage).  I presented the idea to Jeremy who said that if we could do all of that and new window treatments within our $600 budget, he’d be up for it.  And so our makeover day began!!!

First off, we headed to Home Goods.  I always hear about people getting great deals at this store, and while I have shopped there several times, I have never been on the hunt for something specific.  It seemed like a good place to start.  Unfortunately it was a bust in terms of the living room, but we did find a new wreath for the front door ($30).

Next up Rockville Pike, we went to World Market.  I absolutely love this store!  I always get so inspired in there.  Jeremy and I know that when we finally finish our basement, that will be our first stop for decor.  It’s just a fun place.  And lo and behold, right when we walk in, we’re face to face with several rug options and a big SALE sign for all rugs!  Score!  We settled on this diamond weave jute rug (on sale for $115).  I was a little hesitant about the jute at first, but it’s actually much softer than I expected.  I also fell in love with this kimono print micro jute rug (on sale for $30) and knew it needed to be in my kitchen STAT!  Luckily Jeremy obliged.

In the pillow section, Jeremy’s eyes landed on some yellow ones pretty quickly.  I did love them, but I had wanted to get some pattern into that room since everything else is so basic.  I found some awesome yellow floral pillows, but Jeremy wasn’t feeling it so back on the shelf they went.  We ended up with the yellow ones (2 for $25) because we knew they would match our chair perfectly, and the large brown buttons on them would blend well with our brown couch.

In the curtain area, we immediately fell in “like” with some sheers.  They had the burnout effect and a felt green bird on them, and we appreciated the playfulness and the lightness of them.  We knew we didn’t want blinds, and I knew I wanted something lighter than our current dark brown sheers that had faded so badly from the sun.  Unfortunately they did not have any of these white sheers in stock, and I can’t even find them online, so obviously not meant to be.

All in all, though, World Market proved to be a great resource.  Still on the hunt for window treatments and mantle accessories, we decided to break for lunch at our favorite restaurant, Matchbox.  This was the true “date” time of our “date day.”  We enjoyed a lovely conversation over delicious food.  Just what we needed.

With just a couple of hours left before we needed to pick up the kids, we were off to Crate and Barrel.  We had high hopes for window treatments there.  And boy, were we right!  As soon as we entered the curtain area, we immediately fell in love with these Marimekko sheers.  They were a little more pricey than I had wanted to spend (as compared to the World Market sheers we had just seen), but considering we were still way under budget, and the curtains were going to anchor the room, we knew we had a winner (4 panels for $180).  Unfortunately, we couldn’t have immediate gratification and had to have them shipped to us (free!)

We had gotten everything we wanted except for my mantel makeover.  Jeremy had given me the rule that it had to be stuff that would not just be stored away in a seasonal box when it’s time on the mantel was over.  Since everything out there now is Easter based, I was at a loss.  Oh well.  I think I’ll just keep my eyes open during other shopping excursions this spring and hope I can find a few gems.  Heck, we only spent $380 of our $600 budget, and that included a new rug for the kitchen and a new wreath for the front door.  I think there’s still room in my budget for when I find just the right knick knacks!

Our “date day” had been wonderful.  While it would have been nice to take a walk on the gorgeous day, we have so much fun decorating and searching that I could not have come up with a more perfect way to spend my free day with my hubby.  And to top it all off, we got to make the most of the afternoon with our kids in the backyard!

Oh wait!  I guess you probably want to see pictures, right?  Did you really think I’d write this entirely too long post without Before and After pictures?

Kitchen Before

Kitchen After - don't you just love the pop of color?!

Living Room Before

Living Room After - So much more light!

Another Before


Another After

Yay for quick makeovers!


3 Responses to “Our Quick Makeover”

  1. Layla Says:

    I love your house!
    So fresh and crisp looking! 😀

  2. meema Says:

    Can hardly wait to see all the good stuff. WOW…I’m excited. And I, too, Love World Market but unfortunately, was rather restrained at my most recent CVille visit. Found stuff I Loved but then asked myself….am I ready for this? Would I rather wait til I can do real changes this fall rather than little changes now? Glad you two had such a terrrrrriiiiffffiicccc day!
    Love, meema

  3. Jen Says:

    Love the new kitchen rug — have been coveting it myself for the past year, but can’t figure out a good place for it — seems that your kitchen is the perfect location! Look forward to seeing all of the new changes in person!

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