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De-Clutter! March 7, 2011

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I am linking up again with Nain for Motivation Monday!  (And actually doing it on Monday too!)

I was puttering in the basement last week while the HVAC guy was working on our furnace.  (Yay for regular heat again!)  I finally opened a Rubbermaid bin that had been sitting at the bottom of the stairs for months.  Inside was a bunch of maternity clothes that I had lent my sister.  Considering we have decided that I will never need maternity clothes again, I figured I’d finally catalog what I had so that I could attempt to sell it.  I got pulled away from it to pay the HVAC guy but knew I wanted to complete the task eventually. Over the weekend, I finally got that chance.  And I even pulled more maternity clothes out of the attic.  I also pulled a few other baby items that I knew I could sell and put it all up in an email to our local mom’s listserv.  Within minutes I had sold our two sets of baby monitors, and I’m hoping to sell a pregnancy pillow this week to an interested mom.  Nobody has bitten on the clothes yet, though.

But I’m motivated!  I want to de-clutter my basement that has been overrun by broken toys, unused items, and lots and lots of crap!  So what, you ask, is going to motivate me to do this?


The iPad 2!!! I'm in love!


I have determined that I NEED the new iPad 2.  I’ve been waiting for this, hoping it would come with a camera and hoping it would be cooler than the first.  And it arrives in stores on Friday!  I don’t think I’ll have saved enough money in time, but it will be mine soon.  Oh yes, it will be mine.

Jeremy and I have lots of “stuff” to get rid of.  Old iPods, an old iPhone, a really old laptop, an old digital camera…  We’re hoping to get eBay savvy this week and get rid of these hopefully high-ticket items.  But more than just that stuff, we want to get rid of stuff we don’t use anymore.  My friend mentioned having a yard sale this summer that I could join, but if it doesn’t happen, I think I’ll have to hold my own yard sale.  I have so much stuff that is not worth selling on eBay or Craigslist but is worth more than to just donate.  (Sorry if that sounds bad!)

So technology is motivating me this week to de-clutter.  We even have an iPad Fund jar.  It’s good to have a visual to see our progress and push us towards our goal.  Better than just knowing we earned a certain amount, and it is sitting in our bank account.  I like visuals.  The iPad Fund jar will motivate me, and my cleaner, clutter-free basement will motivate me!


2 Responses to “De-Clutter!”

  1. Alaina Says:

    Thanks for participating! Hope you get a lot of sales on ebay and are able to get that iPad!

  2. meema Says:

    hmmmm….sounds familiar. I remember Dad’s pocket change savings which got him his new bike. A penny saved….right! And grandpa’s collections of quarters and coins…I still have them in my closet. I agree…and this fall will be the perfect time to clean out closets and basements around here. Thanks for the motivation and reminding me of the importance of a goal, something concrete and very much desired. Love, meema

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