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A Howling Good Time February 14, 2011

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The mini-vacay that the whole family was eagerly awaiting finally arrived last Friday.  Off we went to Great Wolf Lodge in Williamsburg, VA.  Ever since our trip to Massanutten’s water park, Jeremy has been overly excited to try Great Wolf.  Who am I to deny my husband a “dream vacation?”  So I booked the trip as a birthday gift to him (thanks to contributions from some very kind family members), and off we went!

The drive was so much faster than expected.  Just less than 3 hours!  The kids did great too, and we were all so pumped to get there and get the fun started.  I think one of my fondest memories of the whole trip was the drive down as the kids sang and danced in the backseat and cracked each other up.  What is better than a brother and sister doing their darndest to make the other laugh (and succeeding)?  It was a hoot, and I am so thankful that they get along as well as they do… for now…  (I fear the day they are not as excited to be in a car together happily singing along to Taylor Swift, Camp Rock, and High School Musical music!)

When we finally arrived, we were eager to get to the water park.  Luckily they had a room ready for us early, so we didn’t have to deal with changing in the water park bathrooms.  After a quick change and easy walk to the water park entrance (so great that it is all one building!), we were getting wet!

We had a great time!  In the water park, they have a wave pool, a kiddie pool with slides, a larger pool with basketball hoops and other stuff, the surfing thing, hot tubs, a lazy river, large tube slides that mostly take you outside of the building, and then a large “tree house” type structure with a couple of slides off of that.  It’s huge!  We spent most of our time between the kiddie pool watching Mason and Cooper go down those slides about 100 times and then over in the wave pool.  Mason and Jeremy did one of the tube slides that first day, and sadly, it scared Mason so much she didn’t want to do any others.  So Jeremy did a couple, and I did one of the smaller ones, but that’s it.  I think that was our only major disappointment because Mason had loved the tube slides at Massanutten, but something here just didn’t sit well with her.  Not sure why.  Oh well.  She and Cooper especially liked the kiddie slides.  It was really cool to see them so comfortable in the water – Cooper a little too much for my stress level – but overall good.

Between the water park, the arcade, and touring the lodge, we kept ourselves busy.

Cheers to being able to walk around the lodge with a beer!

I loved seeing lots of smiles this weekend!

Cooper loved his "big boy swimming suit" with no swim diapers! Hallelujah!

We spent some time in the room between activities. The kids used tickets from the arcade to "buy" a few toys, and that certainly kept them entertained.

And despite Jeremy and I not sleeping that great, the kids were definitely tuckered out at the end of each day!

All in all, it was a nice little getaway.  We even got a quick hour back at the water park Sunday morning before having to check out.  (We could have stayed past check out, but needed to return home to get ready for the week ahead.)  We already have a trip back to Massanutten planned in August, so it will be interesting to compare again after having been to Great Wolf.  I think there are pros and cons to both.  But the best part of them both is that we had a great time and the smiles were overwhelming.  We can’t wait for the kids to get older so we can enjoy even more of what the water parks have to offer.  Until then, Great Wolf gave us a howling good time and lots of great memories.



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