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First New Recipe = Failure (Sort of) January 27, 2011

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In my effort to try one new meal a week, I started off with something easy to get it going.

The menu:

Sloppy Joe Pitas from Top 100 Finger Foods

PW’s Potato Skins from The Pioneer Woman Cooks


I love sloppy joe’s.  LOVE them!  My fondest memory of sloppy  joe sandwiches was when I was on a mission trip in South Dakota in high school.  The women on the reservation we were working at cooked us lunch every day.  One of the last days we were there, they brought sloppy joe’s on wheat buns.  I think I ate about 6 of them!  They were delicious!  And seriously, what kid doesn’t like sloppy joe’s?   The answer?  Mine!

First off, I enjoyed making this homemade version.  It included grated carrots, which were unnoticeable in taste but added a little healthiness.  There weren’t any seasonings in this recipe, so I looked up other homemade versions, but couldn’t find the right combination that I felt comfortable with, so I just went with the basic recipe that I was working from originally.

The idea was to put the sloppy joe mixture into pita bread – sort of like a pocket – so that it would not be as messy as on a bun.  The first hiccup came when my pitas ripped when trying to open the pockets.  Therefore, they were still messy, and almost more so than if I had just used a bun.   Strike 1.

Now on to the potato skins…  I have yet to officially make anything from PW’s cookbook, so this was my first attempt, and I was so excited.  I love potato skins, and this looked easy enough.  Wrong!  After baking the potatoes for the allotted time, I cut them in half, lengthwise, and then tried to scoop out the potato.  The insides still seemed raw, and I kept ripping the skin, which obviously ruined the integrity of a “potato skin.”  To save something from the 3 huge potatoes, I decided to just cut them up, throw some EVOO, kosher salt, and pepper on them and stick them back in the oven.  Sadly, they never got fully cooked, and I ended up having to eat mine with butter like it was a normal baked potato.  Strike 2.

I can’t really mess up salad, so that was fine.  Nothing new there anyway.

Jeremy was the wonderful husband that he is, and said everything was great.  Cooper ate his sloppy joe and salad.  (I didn’t even bother giving them the potatoes because I knew they wouldn’t eat them.)  Mason had two bites of sloppy joe before determining she didn’t like the bumps in it.  Despite trying to tell her it was like a mix of taco meat and pizza sauce, she ended up eating 2 carrots for dinner.

I won’t give this meal a full three strikes because it was eaten and enjoyed by some.  But I don’t think I’ll be jumping to make Sloppy Joe Pitas and Potato Skins again any time soon.  I know I need to keep practicing with my technique for the potato skins, but I need to give it some time first.

I think I’ll go with a crockpot meal next.  That’s more my speed during this cold winter.


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