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Switcharoom January 24, 2011

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To start the new year off fresh, we did yet another room switch at our house.  We sure love rearranging!  The switch was initiated for two reasons.

1.  We like to keep things fresh in our house.  We get tired of the same ol’ same ol’.  We like to solve new space planning problems and redecorate using old things.  It is exciting to Jeremy and I, and why not start 2011 off making us happy?

2.  We wanted our house to function in a new way.  Not that the old way wasn’t working, but we weren’t entirely  happy with it, and the new function of each room is just what we need right now.

We are thankful to have our family close by so that we could beg for help – AGAIN.  (Ok, I begged for help even though Jeremy thought the two of us could handle it with two crazy kids running around.  I don’t know what he was thinking!)  I took before and after pictures so that you can see each room’s old function and the new (and improved) function of today.  Here we go.

Master Bedroom to Kids’ Bedroom/Toy Room

We had the whole upstairs as our master bedroom.  It was our retreat.  We had a sitting area where we would watch TV after the kids went to bed.  We had a lovely walk-in closet in the front dormer of our house.  The “office” is right outside this room on an extra-large landing/hallway, and it was wonderful to be able to have one of us on the desktop computer (where all of our pictures are stored) while the other was in the bedroom/sitting area watching TV or going to bed early (hmm, I wonder who that would be.)  It was a good fit except for the fact that we had to go downstairs to use the bathroom or deal with unhappy kids in the middle of the night.  (Yes, we only have one bathroom!)

The fact that the two bedrooms on the main floor were the kids’ bedroom and their toy room seemed wasteful.  The toy room did function as a guest room (with Aerobed), but it was not ideal.  So the kids moved upstairs, and we were able to combine their two rooms into one big one.  They love the extra space!  And the paint in this room was already neutral with a combo of tan and white, so it works great with their pink and blue duvets.

BEFORE - as Master Bedroom

AFTER - as Kids' Bedroom

BEFORE - Walk-in Closet

AFTER - Walk-in "Closet"

Kids’ Bedroom to Multipurpose Room/Gym

The bigger of the two bedrooms on the main floor was the kids’ bedroom.  It’s a nice shade of green, and it fit their two sleigh beds perfectly.  Again, there was no need for toys in this room since their toy room was right across the hall.  The reason we chose this room for the multipurpose room was that it already included a cable hookup (necessary for our workouts) and was not directly under the kids’ new bed placement upstairs so the sound of the treadmill would not wake them.  Also, this is the bigger room, so it easily fits an Aerobed and a  pack n’ play (for lots of nephew visits!) when the treadmill is folded up.

Our treadmill used to be in our basement in a dark damp corner.  It was not inspiring.  And with our low basement ceilings, Jeremy was never able to run or exercise comfortably with fear of hitting his head on the ceiling.  With our goals of exercising more and living a more healthy lifestyle, it was necessary to provide a space for both of us to work out happily.  While moving the treadmill up the stairs was quite a feat, the end result is just what we envisioned.

BEFORE - as Kids' Bedroom

AFTER - as Multipurpose Room/Gym

Kids’ Toy Room to Master Bedroom

Having the toy room on the main floor was helpful when the kids were younger because they were so eager to be near us when they played.  And I wanted them within earshot in case they needed anything.  Now that they are older, they play by themselves a lot more and are more independent, so I don’t need to worry about them going up and down the stairs on their own.  And I honestly like having their mess and loudness away from me at times now that they play upstairs.

Using this room (the smallest of the bedrooms) as our master took some serious rearranging of furniture and a bit of compromise, (for instance, my clothes are all in the MP room closet and we had to sacrifice one of our nightstands) but it’s totally worth it!  After having the large bedroom upstairs, it is nice to have a cozy, warm, and bright place to sleep in.  We don’t need the extra space – we just need a nice place to sleep, and this room is perfect for that.  (And I love the fact that I only have to walk about 5 feet to get to the bathroom in the middle of the night.)  The blue paint that was already in this room is perfect for our neutral bedding and dark wood furniture.  We re-purposed an iron crate that had once been in our living room and a Marimekko canvas we had made for ourselves but had been in the kids’ bedroom.  We treated ourselves to a new bird print from Z Gallerie and a new mirror from Ikea.   This room is definitely my favorite style-wise!

BEFORE - as Kids' Toy Room

AFTER - as Master Bedroom

AFTER #2 - as Master Bedroom with favorite bird picture!

That’s the end of the tour.  We are very happy with our rearranging, and now every single member of the family has slept in every bedroom at some point.  Quite an accomplishment, right?  Maybe?  Honestly, my favorite part of this redo came just this past Saturday.  I was able to get up early, make and bake cinnamon bread, and fold laundry while watching TV all without waking anyone up.  Now THAT is an accomplishment!  …thanks to Switcharoom!


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  1. Alaina Says:

    Awesome decorating! And I love the idea of the walk-in closet as toy storage!

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