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Happy Birthday, Cooper! January 4, 2011

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Three years ago today, I went to the hospital extremely excited to meet you.  I had no idea who you would be when I was admitted into the hospital, prepped for surgery, and opened up.  But while laying there staring into your daddy’s eyes, the doctor announced it was a boy.  Both your daddy and I shed quite a few tears, but don’t worry – they were all tears of joy.   Joy over the fact that we now had both a girl and a boy. And joy knowing that you were finally here, and we could be our new family of four.

You have made our family complete.  You have brought more smiles to us than I ever would have imagined when I first learned you were in my belly.  But when I held you for the first time, I felt a surge of love that is exponential and unfathomable.  Still to this day, you bring me such pure love and laughter.  Your hugs, your kisses, your smiles…  I get warm fuzzies just thinking about them and you.

Over the past three years, we have watched you become more yourself.  You went from a calm and easy-going baby to vivacious and determined little boy.  You are the life of the party, the sweet cuddler, and the apple of my eye – all rolled into one.  You are the sports fanatic, the lover of dinosaurs, and the race car specialist.  You are the pesky little brother, the doting brother, and the best friend a sister could have.  You are the rough-and-tumble son, the “I’ll try anything” eater, and best tickling subject (tied with your sister, of course) a daddy could hope for.

On your birthday today, I hope we can show you just how much we all love you and how much you mean to us.  We hope to get tons of giggles out of you, several hugs and kisses, and smiles that light up the house because that is what you give us every single day.

Happy Birthday!




3 Responses to “Happy Birthday, Cooper!”

  1. Jen Says:

    Happy birthday, Coop! Can’t wait to celebrate with you soon!

  2. Alaina Says:

    Aw, happy birthday, Cooper!

  3. meema Says:

    Ro…what more could one add? Cooper brings such joy to us all…the ever present engager…rough and tumble…all boy…all joy. With sister Mason and cousin Hayes, we are so blessed. Love, meema

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