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Staying Put December 22, 2010

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In a past post, I referenced us making a decision about our living situation that I said I would fill you all in on later.  Well, it is later, and I feel comfortable sharing the news at this point.

We’re staying put!

I think anyone that knows us or has consistently read this blog would know that Jeremy and I are often looking for “the next thing.”  We have felt unsettled – in jobs, home, community, etc.  Yes, despite living in our house for almost 7 years, we felt unsettled.  Not that we have boxes still to unpack or anything because trust me – our house is lived in!  But more in the sense that we just weren’t sure if we were happy where we were and if we wanted to be here for much longer.  Our house has its limitations.  Our neighborhood has its issues.  Our bank account has its weaknesses.

After meeting with a realtor and visiting other cities, we determined that we have a lot right where we are.  The pros definitely outweigh the cons.  And we’d be hard pressed to find a bigger old charming house in a great neighborhood with great schools for $100k less than what our house is worth now.  (I know, we’re dreamers!)  So, we’re staying put!

This decision comes with a cost too, though.  While we did do the big backyard makeover to help our house feel more usable, we still feel there are a couple more things we want to do.  The basement is a big one.  We have water issues down there (as any 71-year-old house would), and we desperately want to fix it.  To permanently fix it (without a sump pump), we will have to jack hammer up the concrete floor in our basement.  And if we’re going to all that trouble, why not get a bathroom roughed in as well down there?  And then if it is roughed in, why not finish it?  And if we have a finished bathroom down there, why not finish off the rest of the basement so we have even more finished space?  And if we’re going to all that trouble, why not….???  Oh wait, it stops there.  Sort of.  So we’re in the process now of figuring out what exactly we’re doing down there.  The new year will hopefully bring us a new basement, but Jeremy will be doing most of the work, and we’ll have to compromise on a few things in order to save money.

All in all, though, we’re both really excited about our decision to stay put.  We have renewed excitement in our house.  What Jeremy and I love most is having a home project to discuss, research, and execute, so this is exactly what we need.  While we determine the basement plans, we’re doing a bit of rearranging too.  More room switches!  I’ll post more on that later.  But for now, we’re just feeling more “settled” in our house and our neighborhood.  I even bought myself a cool address stamp!  Yes, after 7 years of living at the same address, I have officially purchased an address stamp.  I consider it a “staying put” gift to myself.


One Response to “Staying Put”

  1. Alaina Says:

    That’s great you guys have found some peace of mind in staying where you are. Best of luck to you with these new projects!

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