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Sickness Takes Over December 17, 2010

Filed under: Daily Blog — Robin @ findgoodineveryday @ 8:00 am

Our house has been riddled with sickness the past month.  From sore throats and colds to the stomach flu, we just can’t seem to be rid of the germs.  Cooper seems to keep starting it all off.  No blame to him of course.  Teachers at his school have been dropping like flies with illness too.  His school must be a germ haven right now, and he’s bringing them home with him.

The latest germ infestation took us all down in the span of a week.  Cooper on Saturday, me on Tuesday, Mason on Wednesday, and Jeremy on Thursday.  The downside of this is the upcoming weekend’s plans, and I’m hoping Jeremy can recover soon enough to partake in the fun.  (Of course add snowstorms onto this, and the plan becomes even more muddled, but it is what it is.)

The worst part of sickness is watching those you love in pain.  Especially my hubby.  He’s usually my rock and will fill in as needed when I am down.  But when he’s down?  Well, of course I fill in, but it’s just not the same.  He’s not his funny self.  He’s not his strong self.  He’s not there to make light of our tough days.  He’s sick, and it sucks!  Hopefully this time he’ll be through it as fast as the rest of us were.  I need him back.  I don’t want the sickness to take over anymore!

On the lighter side…  The best part of having the stomach flu twice in a 3 week span?  Losing the extra weight I put on after Thanksgiving and the cookie swap!  Woohoo!


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