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Free Fun! November 30, 2010

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You can’t beat free fun.  And that is exactly what we got on Sunday with our trip to the US Botanic Garden.  Because we had Jeremy’s grandmother with us who has a hard time walking long distances, we decided to drive down.  We were unsure of what we would find down there, guessing that many people would have chosen to go downtown with family and friends visiting from out of town.  Luckily, we were able to park right in front of the Garden.  It was a good start.

If you’ve never been to the Botanic Garden, you might not be aware of just how close to the Capitol Building it is.  Basically, in its shadow.  It would be a great day trip to couple the Garden with a visit to the U.S. Capitol Visitor Center.  We didn’t have time for it on Sunday, but Jeremy and I plan to take the kids back soon.

Our view before entering the Botanic Garden.

Inside the foyer was decorated for the holidays with a beautiful Christmas tree right as you enter.  As you can probably imagine, there were many people waiting to get their pictures taken in front of this tree.  Several families were dressed up like they were getting their official Christmas card picture.  It was fun to watch.  Then as you meander through the entry hall, there were iconic DC buildings and monuments made entirely out of natural materials.  They were quite impressive.

Museum of the American Indian

Thomas Jefferson Memorial

U.S. Supreme Court with the Capitol in the background

After enjoying the discovery of all these beautifully crafted buildings, we heard about the train exhibit and knew we had to take a look.  It was an entire room that displayed trains going around several architectural wonders of the world. The train exhibit has its own entrance (from the outside), and once you go through it, you end up inside one of the Garden’s year-round exhibits, and you are not allowed to re-enter without going back outside to the main train entrance.  This was a bit upsetting to Cooper as he kept asking to see his favorite trains again.

Thomas and Percy even made an appearance!

After the train fun, we toured the rest of the indoor gardens.  I think the Jungle area was the biggest hit because of the catwalk that lets you walk among the tall trees.  We spent about an hour and a half total at the Botanic Garden, and by the time we went back outside, this was our view of the Capitol.

Ok, now I’m sure you are all wondering whether this is a paid advertisement for the US Botanic Garden.  No, it is not.  (Wouldn’t that be cool, though?)  Basically I just wanted to show off how much fun we had during our visit Sunday, and how awesome it was that it was all free!  Now, I’ll get to the good stuff – pictures of actual people you know and love.

The Big and L'il Lakes with Granny M and Uncle Tim.

I'm making an effort to get more pictures of Jeremy and me as I realized it is usually always just one of us with the kids.

Mason and Cooper in front of the Botanic Garden Christmas Tree.

Everyone loves kids in footie pajamas - here are Mason and Cooper dancing in front of our own Christmas tree.

The holiday season has started!  We are looking forward to celebrating with our family and friends!


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