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The “Good” From My Weekend October 25, 2010

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As I start another Monday wishing it were still Saturday, I have to use the highlights of my weekend to fuel me through another work week.  Luckily we have another awesome weekend ahead of us in Charlottesville for some family, fun, friends and football.  But until then, I’ll reflect on how much I loved the past few days.  These are my highlights.

1.  Mason and her friend, Luka, quietly reading books together until 9pm when I finally told them to go to sleep.  They then slept until 6am when they got up again to start reading again.  First sleepover was a success.

2.  Waking up Saturday knowing the day was barely planned and loving the excitement I had for the unknown.  (I’m usually quick to plan our day away, so this was a rare feeling.)

3.  Cleaning out our basement and donating a bunch of stuff we didn’t need anymore.  (There is still a lot more to clean out, but we got it started, and it feels great.)

4.  Walking with my family, my mom and her friend down to the National Park Seminary.  It was a beautiful fall day, and I just love walking through the history there.

5.  Happening upon David Bromstad from HGTV’s Color Splash talking in Downtown Silver Spring at the Fenton Street Market.  He was just as cute and down to earth in person.

6.  Finding an adorable Christmas gift for Mason at the Fenton Street Market from The Littlest Bean.  (Her Etsy shop does not show the cute resin flower ring that I got Mason, but I was very tempted by the corsage bracelets too.)

7.  Having an ongoing in-depth conversation with Jeremy throughout the weekend about our future.  (More on that to come soon.)  I’m so grateful to have an amazing husband with whom I can share similar goals, dreams, and reality.

8.  Starting to see the light go off in Cooper’s head that using the potty is necessary for Santa to understand he is a big boy and would therefore bring him big boy toys.  (Yes, I’m already using the Santa threat for good behavior.)

9.  Mason telling us at breakfast Sunday morning that she was not going to cry or whine all day and then actually following through on that until about 5:30pm when the effects of a long day with no nap took hold.

10.  Hearing our friend, Anna, yell “Hi Buzz!” when Buzz Lightyear came flying down onto the ice at the Disney on Ice – Toy Story 3 show.

11.  Baking my favorite blondies recipe.  Yummy!

12.  Playing football and soccer with the kids in the backyard.  I love that we’re finally getting to use it!

13.  Firming up plans for a weekend getaway with Jeremy for my birthday.  3 weeks and counting.

I think that is it.  Honestly, it was an awesome weekend full of unexpected joys.  Exactly what I needed after a few long weeks and overplanned weekends.


2 Responses to “The “Good” From My Weekend”

  1. Alaina Says:

    Sounds like a great weekend! That’s cute your daughter and her friend were so into their reading…that is such a great thing to love at such a young age!

  2. meema Says:

    Carolyn and I so enjoyed our time with you all. The walk down to the Seminary was priceless…for me to have seen the before and after reminds me of how important it is to believe in “potential,” whatever form it might take… buildings, people, landscapes, ideas…you name it!
    It’s our dreams, our imagination of what can be, that gets us through the ordinary times. And reading is the magic carpet to what has been and can be. Thanks for sharing part of your weekend and looking forward to another great time together. Love, meema

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