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FIVE October 14, 2010

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5 years have passed since I lay in the operating room awaiting the news of my first born’s gender.  A girl!  Tears filled my eyes.  Tears filled Jeremy’s eyes.  We hadn’t cared what the gender was, but when we heard it was a girl, it felt so right.  Our last-minute name entry of “Mason” seemed perfect – like it was the only name this little baby girl could have.

M is for Merry.  Mason loves life.  She loves to smile and make others smile.  She is often making jokes and doing silly things to get a laugh.  And her own laugh is music to my ears.  It is one of my favorite sounds.

A is for Artistic.  Mason loves to draw.  Her new favorite thing is to trace pictures, and she is really getting better at drawing recognizable images.  The girl comes home from school with about 25 pictures every single day.  (Don’t worry, we’re keeping a lot – probably too many!)  I can’t wait to see how she grows through her art.

S is for Sensitive.  Mason feels things very deeply.  The good side of this is that she truly feels the pain and the joy of others.  Her inquisitive questions showcase her sensitivity and compassion.  Her hugs are deep and meaningful, as if she understands you and is channeling her understanding through her arms.  I am in awe of this side of her.

O is for Observant.  This links into her sensitivity, but Mason picks things out like no one else.  She uses this skill while reading I Spy books or just picking things out on the road as we drive around town.  She observes things so many others don’t see or pick up on.  She observes life, and I think that will serve her very well as she gets older.

N is for Nurturing.  As the first-born, it is almost innate in Mason to be nurturing.  She loves taking care of her brother, and now her new cousin!  She is sweet and gentle with her dolls.  (And she nurtures a cookie like it is the last one left on this earth!)  This nurturing side has helped her get over her fear of dogs and cats to the point where she now pets them with care and love.  I know this is a characteristic that will stay with her forever.

I have said before how proud I am of my daughter and how much I love her.  It is because of all that she is and all that I  know she can become.  Mason, at 5 years old, you are already wise beyond your years.  The future is bright – full of happy memories and lots of love!  Happy Birthday, sweetie!


2 Responses to “FIVE”

  1. Annie Says:

    Happy, Happy Birthday, Mason!! Love the post! Hope you guys have a fun day celebrating. 🙂

  2. Alaina Says:

    Happy birthday, Mason!!!

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