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Is This My Fault? September 25, 2010

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Cheese is taken off pizza and pushed to the side.

Mason loves pizza.  Mason loves ice cream.  So why is it that lately she has turned down offers of ice cream and has started to scrape the cheese off her pizza?  The answer?  Genetics.

The first sign of a problem was when Mason was 3.  We were in Annapolis enjoying a beautiful day and wanted to finish it off with a trip to the ice cream shop.  Mason chose strawberry ice cream because it was pink.  All was going great until….  Well, let’s just say I’m glad we were alone in this ice cream shop.  And let’s just say that I’ll never get the image of processed pink ice cream on the black and white tile floor out of my mind.

After this incident, I got weary when Mason would eat ice cream.  I became a little more aware and a little more scared!  Ok, I hovered; I would ask her over and over if her belly hurt.  Jeremy would get annoyed.  It wasn’t pretty.  But I think my persistence paid off because we finally realized, at age 4, that Mason was lactose intolerant.  After a particularly big serving of ice cream at Dutch Wonderland, Mason was keeled over in pain.  Being lactose intolerant myself, I could feel her pain.  I knew what the keeling over meant.  Luckily Papa told us she could take Lactaid pills, so she got the chewable vanilla flavored ones, and life was uninterrupted for a while.  She would take her Lactaid and then eat her ice cream.  Perfect.

Until now…  Mason has a serious aversion to the Lactaid.  She refuses to take it.  We have told her that she cannot have ice cream without it.   Her response is to not eat ice cream.  We have told her she cannot eat pizza without it.  Her response is to scrape the cheese off her pizza (an act she has learned from me, no doubt!)  Knowing all the ridicule I have gotten over the years for taking the cheese off my pizza or being embarrassed when I can’t eat pizza without a fork and plate, I’m a bit worried for her.  I hope this aversion to Lactaid is only a phase, and that she is just trying to have control over the situation.  I can’t imagine a life without ice cream or pizza with cheese (Yes, I do eat some pizza with cheese because it is just so worth it.  For instance, Scott’s pizza is totally worth taking Lactaid for – it’s just not the same without the cheese and toppings!)  I hope she learns that not taking Lactaid is just not worth it when ice cream is on the line.

Gosh darn genetics!


2 Responses to “Is This My Fault?”

  1. Alaina Says:

    oh man, i feel for her…I used to have to take calcium supplements (chewable ones) because of my lactose intolerance and I would throw fits. You know, Lactaid makes a special kind of ice cream…that, and Breyers does, too…it’s just vanilla but it is special for the lactose intolerance. It’s pretty good!

    Lactose intolerance does suck, though…it definitely definitely sucks…

  2. Angela Says:

    We just recently started scraping the cheese off of Christopher’s pizza, too. I am pretty sure he has more of a milk allergy that causes him rashes. Took milk out of his diet, rashes stopped. I have been searching for ice cream alternatives for him because it is such a staple in our lives. I recently (at Whole Foods) found many different alternatives. It is a real treat for him and he doesn’t notice a difference! Anyway, I guess this is just one more way in which that awesome daughter of yours takes after her awesome mom! 🙂

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