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Retail Therapy September 15, 2010

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I love shopping.  LOVE IT!  I hate feeling guilty about spending money, though.  It’s hard to balance the joy of retail therapy with the guilt of spending money.  More often than not, I buy stuff for the kids to get my “fix” and then tell myself (and Jeremy) that what I bought was needed for them to keep on living their lives.  Ok, so that is usually not the case, but it helps me sleep at night!

Sadly, I have realized that a lot of my current clothes either do not fit or are so old that I can’t bring myself to wear them.  Even though I usually buy classic pieces that should survive the test of time and fashion, it’s depressing when I put on a shirt I’ve worn 123 times (trust me, I did the math!)  I want fresh!  I want pizazz!  I need to go shopping!

I recently went through my closet and drawers and pulled out anything I had not worn in the last year or knew I would not wear over the next year.  Then I took it a step further by actually trying on some of my favorite fall/winter clothes to make sure they would last me through another season.  Yeah, that’s where the truth came out.  A lot of stuff didn’t fit.  I had to give up on two pairs of my favorite jeans.  One pair used to be my “dress-up” jeans; the ones I could wear with a cute pair of boots and a nice top.  Well, the effects of washing these jeans every other week for the past 5 years have shrunk them enough to be too short for boots and too tight for comfort.  And the other pair have been my favorite  “weekend” jeans since I had my daughter almost 5 years ago.  I bought them from an online maternity shop that touted them as the “transition” jeans because they could stretch enough to cover up those last unwanted pounds of pregnancy weight.  (Before you judge, they did not have an elastic waist band or stretchy maternity fabric at the waist.  They had real buttons!  No one would ever know differently!)  But they just can’t stretch enough anymore to make them comfortable.  It’s a sad reality in my life.

I’m sensing a common theme here, though.  Comfort!  It’s what I crave (in addition to freshness and pizazz!)  I’m not talking “mom jean” comfort here.  I’m talking “hide what you want to hide and still eat that second brownie” comfort.  There is a very distinct difference!

So in my sad state of having to give up on clothes that I love and keep clothes that I am bored with just because of fit, I am in need of retail therapy.  But how can I get through the guilt?  It’s probably easier than I think.  I have a feeling the guilt will be gone the minute I put on an awesome outfit that is comfortable and “fresh.”  The trickier part will be getting Jeremy to believe that it was all needed for me too keep on living my life.  That is always the kicker – NEED vs. WANT.  Maybe if I buy him some new clothes too…?  Or send him out for a day of retail therapy.  Guys need it too, right?


3 Responses to “Retail Therapy”

  1. Alaina Says:

    Get a doctor’s note that says you need retail therapy or something 🙂 T hates going shopping so I think he’d gladly let me go off on my own and do the shopping while he stays home and works in the garage.

    • Hahaha, a doctor’s note would be great! I totally feel you on this. I always try to buy ‘classic’ things too, and apparently I’m awful at judging what will be timeless eight months from now. I’ve been trying to not buy any new clothing for a year, which has been … a challenge. Haha. But, yeah, there IS something totally therapeutic about knowing you have something really cute to wear!

  2. meema Says:

    Hmmm, I know there’s a birthday coming up and we still have that “day out” together from the Christmas coupon of last year. Put the two together and “Waaalaaa”! Let me know what works for you. I feel your frustration…just started looking at my own fall/winter wardrobe this week.
    Love, meema

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