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“I Hope No One Poops In the Pool Today” September 2, 2010

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With news of our trip to Nana and Papa’s pool over the weekend, Mason once again said, “I hope no one poops in the pool today.”  Such wise words from such a young girl.

Last month when Mason visited the pool with Nana during her “Camp Nana” week, they unfortunately only got to swim for a few minutes before someone pooped in the pool.  The rules dictated then that the pool would be closed for 5 hours while they treated it.  It left a mark on Mason (the experience, not the poop!)

Now when we mention going to a pool, she is quick to say that she hopes no one poops again.  When she said it recently, Jeremy and I realized that this statement holds true for life in general.  Let’s call it a metaphor for what we all hope for when we wake up each day.  (Would metaphor be the right term here?  My English degree is failing me at the moment.)  Just like someone pooping in the pool means you don’t get to do what you went to do – swim; in life, if someone does something they aren’t supposed to, it could ruin your plans for your day.

For example, an email is not responded to in the expected timeframe and therefore causes you to put all things on hold until you get this email with all the information you need.  Someone has “pooped in your pool.”

Another example:  Traffic caused by a disabled vehicle in the left lane is causing you to be late to an event, and you get steamed up and stressed about it.  Someone has “pooped in your pool.”  (And sadly, someone “pooped in the pool” of the person with the disabled vehicle!)

Are you catching on yet?  This is a bit complicated to explain, I realize.

No matter how you slice it, though, you don’t want anyone “pooping in your pool.”  Cheers to that!

No poop in the pool today!

My little daredevil!

Mason enjoys the "walk off" approach.

The irony? A lifeguard sent Cooper back to the baby pool in fear he would poop in the pool with only a swim diaper on.


One Response to ““I Hope No One Poops In the Pool Today””

  1. Annie Says:

    Love, love this! I hope no one poops in YOUR pool today! 🙂

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