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It’s Amazing What a Little “Green” Can Do July 26, 2010

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Jeremy and I are not patient people when it comes to getting house things done.  We want it done fast and well.  Unfortunately to get that combination, it is usually not cheap.  To satisfy our need for instant gratification (the fast part) in the backyard, we decided to lay sod.  To keep some money in our pockets (the cheap part), we decided to lay it ourselves.  With the help of Nana, Papa, and Meema, I think we even got it done well!  We just might have achieved the trifecta!  (Only thanks to all the amazing help!  We couldn’t have done it without Nana, Papa, and Meema!)

Let me first remind you of where we started just over two months ago.



More during... Our hard work begins.

More than halfway there! (Note: It was easily over 100 degrees that day, so you can only imagine the sweat we all produced that day!)

We even had our own cheering squad! Or were they quality control?

Ok, are you ready for the final pictures?  Are you sick of all the dirt yet?  So were we, which is why we needed this sod!

Ta Da!

Instant play area! (If only it weren't for this pesky heat!)

We even got plants for all around the patio. It made such a difference.

We are so excited to have this done.  After living in our house for over 6 years, we have rarely used our backyard.  Now and especially once it cools down, we will use it almost every day!  It’s an entirely new living space for us.  It’s safer for the kids, it’s shady and cool, it’s comfortable, and it’s beautiful.

There is still more work to be done in the far back of our yard (it is a lot bigger than you think!)  But that will come in time.  Now, it is completely usable, and that’s what we needed.  It really is amazing what a little “green” can do.

We’ll just have to watch out for heavy storms and falling branches…

This branch fell just 3 hours after the above photos were taken. Luckily Jeremy was able to clean it up enough to save the sod!