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Dare I Jinx It? June 23, 2010

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I fear writing this post will jinx all the good things that have been happening this week, but I am so excited that I just had to share!

Some of you may remember that last fall Mason had a very hard time transitioning to her new preschool.  It took her about 3 weeks to have a tear-free drop-off.  Many days were so bad, she would run away from me and race down the hall to the door.  (Pure embarrassment to have teachers and other parents wonder why the heck you are chasing a kid down the hall and practically dragging her into the classroom.)  With that kind of history, you can understand why I was very anxious about Mason’s first day of summer camp at a brand new school where she knew absolutely no one.

I was unsure how to broach the topic with her.  I didn’t want to make a big deal about it and the fact that she would not know anyone.  I didn’t want to tell her she should be excited and happy and then have her fear disappointing me.  So just last week, I asked her how she was feeling about it.  She said she was nervous.  I validated that feeling and told her that I completely understood.  We talked about it how might be scary to not know anyone but that she could introduce herself or have the teacher help her.  And I told her that at any point in the day, she could ask the teacher if she could call me if she was sad.  We visited the school and saw her classroom, and everything seemed in place.  But still I was nervous about what would actually happen at drop-off.

The good news?  Mason has been magnificent!!  It is the third day of camp, and she seems to be having a blast.  We are always the first to arrive at camp, and she just gives Cooper and I a hug and then pushes us out the door.  No tears, no whimpers, no holding on – just ready to start her day!  Last night at dinner when we talked about our favorite parts of the day, she said “summer camp.”  Then she said, “Actually, I think every night my favorite part of the day will be summer camp.”  Umm…  where did my daughter go?  Who is this mature girl sitting next to me?

No matter how mature you are, a lollipop can always hit the spot!

To make it even more official that Mason is growing up, she got her very first bike last week.  We took it out to the park last night, and she was riding around the basketball court with training wheels being her only support.  She gets a little nervous on bumps, but it’s her first day, so there’s plenty of time for confidence to build.

Oh, the places she will go.

And when we went to Target to get some more sneakers for her since that’s all she is allowed to wear at summer camp, she picked out some nice pink ones.  I told her that we could get them, but she still had to wear her other ones some days.  She gave me a look, and I said that I thought her old ones were still super cute.  With a straight face and absolutely no whine in her voice, she said, “Mom, these are my shoes.  Not yours.  And I don’t think the others are that cute.”  Valid point.  How can I argue with that?  I guess I won’t be able to pick out clothes and shoes for her anymore.  She really is growing up right before our eyes, and I love it!  Let’s hope the jinx is a moot point.